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Bio-based Thermal Fluid Solutions

Sustainable Solutions For Tomorrow's Industry

More and more technologies and industries are moving towards eco-friendly or "Greener" solutions for their day-to-day needs.  The BioChill® propylene glycol from KOST USA provides a sustainable virgin bio-based PG heat transfer fluid with robust performance.  Make the switch today and minimize the environmental impact for your team. 

BioChill® PG FG Thermal Fluid

BioChill® PG FG is a food-grade heat transfer fluid made from virgin bio-based inhibited propylene glycol. View the Product Portfolio Here
  • NSF HT-1 Registered
  • Excellent Low Temp Pumpability
  • Fluid is Colorless and Dye-Free
  • Silicate Free and Meets ASTM D8039 Corrosion Testing
  • Lower Environmental Toxicity and Potential LEED Innovation Credits
  • Renewable & Sustainable Bio-Based

BioChill® PG HD Thermal Fluid 

BioChill® PG HD is an inhibited heavy-duty bio-based HTF solution with a robust corrosion inhibitor package.  View the Product Portfolio Here.
  • Silicate Free
  • Meets ASTM D8309 for Multi-Metal Corrosion Protection
  • Meets ASTM D1881 for Foam Tendency Testing
  • Silicate Free
  • Fluid is Dyed Blue-Green for Leak Detection Purposes
  • Potential LEED Innovation Credits

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