What is LIM™ 6000?

Momentive LIM™ 6000 series is a family of fast curing and injection moldable liquid silicone rubbers supplied in the form of ready-to-use components (part A and part B).

The product range is specifically engineered to provide high tear resistance and tensile strength for high-speed injection molding processes and applications. The LIM™ 6000 series are excellent performance general purpose liquid silicone rubbers that can be used across many industries, including consumer goods, health care, and general industrial applications.

LIM™ 6000 Key Features and Benefits:

  • High tear resistance and tensile strength
  • Improved adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including engineered thermoplastics and metals
  • Rapid cure speeds for higher productivity
  • Outstanding thermal stability across a wide range of temperatures
  • The LIM 6000 series is available in hardnesses of 10, 30, 40, 50 and 60 Shore A
  • Excellent release from metal molds
  • Sterilizable for use in health care and medical devices
  • Biocompatibility (USP Class VI, ISO10993)
  • FDA Indirect food contact compliance
  • BFR compliance

LIM™ Products Specifications:


HOW TO USE LIM™ 6000 Products:

LIM liquid silicone rubbers are supplied in the form of ready-to-use components (part A and part B). 

A mixture of (1:1) ratio of the two components is transferred from the original containers to a static mixer or the mixing chamber by hydraulic piston pumps that can be connected by an interlocking system that ensures a 1:1 feed ratio. Color pastes can be fed to the system, then the mixture is injected into the heated mold. 

Injection pressure:
An injection pressure of 50 to 150 bars is ordinarily sufficient for liquid silicone rubber that is typically dependent on the cross-section of the feed channel.

Processing and curing: 
The mixture vulcanizes at temperatures of 140-230°C to form a cured silicone rubber within a few seconds depending on the grade. To prevent premature vulcanization in the nozzles and cylinders, cool down the parts with water to a temperature of about 20°C.

Post curing:
During postcuring, it is primarily siloxanecycles that evaporates, leading to a slight loss of weight. It is recommended to maintain a supply of fresh air into the post-curing oven to prevent the formation of flammable air/siloxane mixtures.


Application Examples and Recommended Grades


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