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Ludox® Colloidal Silica For Functional Coatings

What is LUDOX®?

LUDOX® is a colloidal silica product range based on aqueous dispersions of amorphous silica and available in a particle size range of 5.0 - 22.0 nanometers. LUDOX® grades with smaller particle sizes are excellent binders for architectural coatings and latex paints. LUDOX® products with larger particle sizes are highly efficient surface modifiers for improved surface roughness and adhesion properties.

Ludox® Functionality and Benefits

Binders and Co-Binders
Ludox® features exceptional binding properties due to its high reactivity with solids and metal oxides. It forms strong bonds with granular and fibrous materials without causing slurry aggregation. Ludox® also reacts quickly, developing increased strength with subsequent heat and dehydration.

Surface Modifiers
Ludox® offers an increased friction coefficient to smooth surfaces for improved surface roughness and adhesion properties. It is also used as an anti-slip additive in polishes, flooring, paper, and cardboard coatings. Treating uncoated paper surfaces with Ludox® provides enhanced gloss and printability.

Ludox® Paints and Coatings Applications:

Architectural paints and hard coats:

LUDOX® provides improved durability and anti-soil properties to waterborne coatings systems. It also offers excellent hardness and abrasion resistance to parquet formulations. It also extends the durability and strength of acrylic and urethane protective coatings.
Recommended Grade: LUDOX® AS-40

Masonry and Concrete Coatings:

LUDOX® offers faster drying time and water resistance when added to silicate-based masonry and concrete coatings. Lithium Polysilicate from Grace also can be used in waterborne masonry coatings for increased durability, strength, and chemical resistance.
Recommended Grade: LUDOX® SM

Metal and Electroplating pretreatment coatings:

LUDOX® is used in metal pretreatment formulations such as anticorrosive and zinc coatings pretreatments. LUDOX® is ideal for alkaline oxides, chromates, and phosphate formulations. It provides enhanced trivalent chromium adsorption, improved film formation, and controlled rheology.
Recommended Grade: LUDOX® HS-40

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