LyondellBasell Microthene®

Better Dispersion and Longer Service Life with Microthene® F

Microthene®  F products are ultra-fine, spherically shaped, polyolefin powders with an average particle size of 20 microns. Their uniform shape and narrow particle size distribution make Microthene®  F effective thixotropes for lubricants. 

Advantages of Microthene®

  • Excellent thixotropic properties
  • Disperses easily and aids in the suspension of other additives within the lubricant
  • The composition of Microthene® is a single polyolefin resin with a single melting point whereas the competition is a low molecular weight wax blend with multiple melting pionts
  • Improved thermal stability and longer service life

Microthene® F Powder versus Competitor

Microthene®  F Polyethylene Powder

Competitor: Low Molecular Weight Wax Blend


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