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Microthene® Anti-tackiness Additives

LyondellBasell is one of the world's largest plastics, chemicals, and refining companies in the world. They are focused on creating innovative solutions that address rising consumer demand in overall product safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. LyondellBasell's Microthene® F applications contribute to consumer products like electronics, automotive parts, home furnishings, construction materials, biofuels, and flexible packaging. Microthene® F powders are low profile additives for thermosets, composites, dusting agents for tacky polymer surfaces, material flow enhancers, tackiness check, sintering agents, binding agents for particulates, and additives for coatings and adhesives.

Microthene® F additives comprise of ultra-fine low-density, linear-low-density, and high-density polyethylene powder grades.  Microthene® F  is a uniform and spherically shaped fine powder which allows it to be an excellent viscosity modifier in grease, inks, coatings, adhesives, and lubricants. Additionally, Microthene® F powders are compatible with various temperature ranges and the following polymer systems: EPDM, SBR, NBR, TPE, TPU, Chloroprene, Isoprene, and Polybutadiene.

Microthene® F additives combat tackiness issues by helping create smoothness in surfaces and control shrinkage resulting from molding in a finished part. These ultra-fine powders also improve dispersion of pigments throughout the polymer system, providing a more uniform and homogenous color.

Microthene® F additives provide a broad range of functionality and advantages to tacky pellets and crumbs including:
  • Reduce tackiness and agglomeration
  • Improved flow and enhanced pellet recovery (Pultrusion processing aid) 
  • Superior clarity compared to talc and other inorganic additives
  • Suitable for use in food contact applications
  • Enables thin film and high clarity applications for the end products
  • High and consistent quality with a narrow particle size distribution
  • Excellent compatibility with all types of polymers and temperatures
  • Highly effective at low addition levels, up to 0.25% only
  • Free of talc and calcium carbonate
  • Free-flowing and chemically inert
  • Low dielectric loss and low conductivity for wire and cable applications
  • Excellent Dusting and Anti-Tack Agent
  • Can also be used as additives for Coatings and Adhesive applications
  • Used as an additive to improve gloss appearance in plastic molded parts
  • Microfine size and spherical shape of polyolefin powders help to facilitate dispersion in aqueous or organic systems

Select Your LyondellBasell Microthene® Grade Below:

LyondellBasell Microthene® F Flow Rate Improvement:

Microthene® F 
pellet improvement additives assist with the pellet flow rates, as shown in the following "Pellet Flow Test" results:

Microthene® F anti-stick additive improves flow rate in contrast to the compared untreated pellets:

- Flow improvement in rubber polymers: 40% –45%
- Flow improvement in EVA polymers: 95% -100%

Microthene® F additive provides an improved flow rate compared to competition material:

- Flow improvement in rubber polymers: 10%
- Flow improvement in EVA polymers: >20%

LyondellBasell Microthene® F Enhanced Pellets Recovery:

Microthene® F also provides improved pellet recovery, as shown in the following "Pellet Compaction Test" results:

Improved flow compared to untreated pellets:

Flow improvement in rubber polymers: 20 - 25%
- Flow improvement in EVA polymers: Up to 100%

Improved flow compared to competition material:

- Flow improvement in rubber polymers: 10%

Save on Manufacturing Cost with LyondellBasell Microthene® F Powders:

Microthene® F is highly effective at a much lower level of use compared to competitive materials, which can save up to 60% of the material cost.

Microthene® F powders provide processability improvements due to their lubricating abilities to assist the extrusion process. Leading to potential savings in not needing mold release agents in the process. 


Microthene® F can also help you save on the powder-loss with nearly half of what is typically seen in competitive materials.


Uniform Pellet Coverage Using LyondellBasell Microthene® F

SEM micrograph of Microthene® FN 519-00 on dusted EVA (28% VA) pellets

SEM micrograph of Microthene FA 709-00 on dusted EVA (28% VA) pellets

Improved Dispersion and Pellet Surface Coverage Using LyondellBasell Microthene® F

SEM micrograph showing complete surface coverage of the EPR pellets with Microthene® FN 519-00 

SEM micrograph showing the limited surface coverage and powder agglomeration of competitive material on the EPR pellet surface

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