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Momentive Silicones For Renewable Energy

The U.S. bipartisan infrastructure deal offers growth opportunities for domestic manufacturers of renewable and sustainable energy solutions. This significant funding around the U.S. Build Back Better Act is one of the most extensive clean energy infrastructure investment programs across public and private sectors. The U.S. is tackling various energy projects requiring long-lasting materials, such as silicone, to help modernize our electric grid and energy infrastructure.

Growth Areas for Silicone Manufacturers

With a projected investment of $1.2 trillion, domestic manufacturers of silicone elastomers can help modernize and financially benefit from funding in renewable energy infrastructure projects. Silicone compounders, transfer molders, injection molders, extruders, calendars, and compression molders may have investment opportunities to help support the following infrastructure projects:
  • Broadband Internet: The infrastructure bill includes $65 billion to bolster the country's broadband infrastructure and help ensure that every American has access to high-speed internet.
  • Electric Grid and Energy: $108 billion are allocated to the country's electricity grid, with thousands of miles of new transmission lines and funds for environmentally friendly smart-grid technology.
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: In addition to $7.5 billion for the nation's first network of electric vehicle chargers along highway corridors, lawmakers have shored up $5 billion for zero-emission buses (including thousands of electric school buses) and $2.5 billion for ferries.
  • Modern Infrastructure: Around $42 billion will be granted toward shipping ports, airports, and freight infrastructure to drive renewable energy alternatives such as electrification and other low-carbon technologies.
  • Clean Energy Transmission: More than $65 billion will be devoted to the Department of Energy's focus on clean energy transmission and the electric grid. The Clean Energy Infrastructure Program is focused on carbon management and creating a more secure energy infrastructure.

Momentive Performance Silicone Solutions

Momentive silicone materials are versatile solutions for renewable energy applications as possible replacements for ceramic materials when utilizing medium- and high-voltage technology. Momentive performance solutions generally are lighter and require less maintenance. They have improved hydrophobicity, erosion resistance, ease of processing, and outstanding service life.
Typical silicone renewable energy applications:
  • High-voltage insulators
  • Cable accessories
  • Terminations/cable joints
  • Breakers/disconnect switches
  • Surge arrestors
  • Wires and cables
  • Gaskets and seals
  • Connectors
  • Solar inverter enclosure gaskets