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Momentive Self-Bonding LSR Solutions For Healthcare

What is Self-Bonding Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)?

Momentive performance materials are the global leader in silicones and elastomers, providing outstanding solutions for many industries and applications. Momentive Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) is a two-component versatile class of pumpable silicone elastomers that can be molded and cured with fast cycle times and at elevated temperatures. Momentive offers a broad range of self-bonding LSR products that can be molded into precise shapes and dimensions, maintaining their flexibility and resistance in injection molding applications.

Momentive Liquid Silicone Rubber In Health Care Applications:

Healthcare silicone elastomers must encompass a particular set of characteristics from purity, clarity, and durability. Momentive offers a range of LSR products that enable the production of a broad range of disposable and reusable medical devices and supplies. It meets regulatory compliance, biocompatibility, and withstands repeated sterilization processes. Furthermore, Momentive performance materials exhibit outstanding stability properties when exposed to a diverse range of temperature conditions.

They also offer primer-less adhesion without post-curing to various substrates. Momentive Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) solutions also enable the manufacturing of articles for healthcare parts when plastics and elastomers need to be combined in over-molding or insert-molding processes. Lastly, LSR self-bonding capabilities for two-component molding improve pump life with low hysteresis, strength after repeat sterilizations, and x-ray radio-opaque detection materials.

Why Momentive Self-Bonding Liquid Silicone Rubber For Your Health Care Parts and Applications?

  • Fast cure and high tear strength

  • Excellent flexibility, clarity, and transparency 
  • A broad range of durometer shore hardness 

  • Improved aging stability and chemical resistance

  • Fast processability for high-speed injection molding equipment

  • Primer-less adhesion to various substrates

  • High productivity due to the rapid cure and processability

  • Enables soft-hard design freedom to match the application needs

  • Biocompatibility with both body fluids and medications
  • Compliant with stringent healthcare regulations and standards
  • Self-bonding properties to thermoplastics including polycarbonate (PC), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and copolyesters

Health Care Application Examples:

  • General medical parts such as o-rings, gaskets, seals, and diaphragms 
  • Dialysis bag caps, valves, transfer set, and seals
  • Pharmaceutical: Septa disks, incubators, and closures
  • Laboratory accessories
  • Respiratory and surgical masks
  • Gastroenterology: Feeding devices, balloons, and medical tubing
  • Dental surgical devices, impression molds, Orthopedics, and prosthetic parts
  • Sterilization mats
  • Ventilation masks, rubber parts, and tubing
  • Dosage Control Devices, catheters, fluid, and drug delivery systems
  • Wound drains and bulbs
  • Vascular: Hemostasis valves 

Featured Grade


Silopren™ LSR 4739 is a two-component liquid silicone rubber for injection molding, which offers robust primer-less adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Due to its self-bonding and adhesion properties, Silopren™ LSR 4739 is an excellent choice for health care and medical silicone rubber applications. Silopren™ LSR 4739 is a cost-effective solution for multi-component in-mold processes like insert molding or injection molding.


Other Applications For Momentive Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR):



Excellent weathering resistance and dielectric properties in under the hood and inside the vehicle parts. 

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Consumer Goods

Excellent seal and bonding properties for improved heat, moisture and dirt resistance in consumer goods.

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Offering excellent replacements for porcelain, glass and ceramic materials in medium and high voltage applications.

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