Highly Durable Polyurethane PSA - SPUR+ PSA™ 3.0

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives are unique in that they never fully solidify and as a result are permanently tacky.  This makes pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) extremely useful in tape and label applications.  The PSAs most people are familiar with that are used on low grade tapes, food labels, and sticky notes are usually made from rubbers and acrylic polymers.  These common types of PSA, however, may not be able to survive challenging environments. 

SPUR+ PSA 3.0 - Remarkably Durable Adhesive

Momentive’s SPUR+PSA 3.0 is a high performance adhesive that can survive exposure to fuel, solvents, and water.  Not only can it be used as a tape or transfer film, but also as a contact adhesive that is applied with a roller or brush.

The performance of SPUR+ PSA 3.0 is far superior to traditional rubber and acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives.  SPUR+ PSA 3.0 can be applied using traditional PSA coating equipment and cured to thermally sensitive films to provide a highly tacky, chemical resistant, and weather stable adhesive layer that bonds well to low energy surfaces.  SPUR+ PSA 3.0 is the ideal pressure sensitive adhesive for tapes and labels used in aerospace, automotive, medical, floor marking, and chemical labeling applications due to its outstanding resistance to solvents, moisture, and temperature.  The features an benefits offered by SPUR+ PSA 3.0 are listed below:
  • Useful over a wide temperature range and up to 356 °F
  • Resistant to gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, xylene, acids, bases, and various other solvents
  • Good adhesion to polyolefins and other low energy surfaces
  • Curable on thermally sensitive films
  • Resistant to UV and oxidation from weathering
  • Perfect balance of peel and tack
  • Compatible with fillers for cost reduction

Where is SPUR+ PSA 3.0 Used?


The resistance of SPUR+ PSA 3.0 to gasoline, diesel, and oil make it an ideal contact adhesive for bonding, mounting, and masking in automotive assembly and repair applications.


SPUR+ PSA 3.0 is resistant to jet fuel, hydraulic fluids and other harsh chemicals used in airplanes.  The chemical resistance and temperature stability make it an excellent adhesive for tapes and sealants used in aerospace applications.

Floor Marking

Tapes used to mark floors need to be resistant to the chemicals used to clean the floor.  SPUR+ PSA 3.0 is highly resistant to acids, bases, and other chemicals used in industrial cleaners and detergents.

SPUR+ PSA 3.0 is the ideal pressure sensitive adhesive for applications that require best in class solvent and chemical resistance.  To highlight performance in harsh conditions, Momentive performed a comparison study with SPUR+ PSA 3.0, a solvent acrylic adhesive, and a silicone adhesive. The chemical resistance of the three adhesives are summarized below:
The complete results of the comparison study can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Comparison Study

How to Apply SPUR+ PSA 3.0

SPUR+ PSA 3.0 is packaged at a viscosity that is suitable for use with standard tape coating equipment.  If the viscosity or solids content needs to be adjusted it can easily be diluted with ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, MEK, MIBK, or other common solvents.  The adhesive can be applied to the substrate with conventional tape coating techniques or by use of a brush or roller.  Once applied, the solvent must be removed and the adhesive cured.  Curing can be done at ambient temperature or if more rapid cure is required heat can be applied up 150°C.  Once cured the adhesive can be bonded to the intended surface or a release liner can be applied in order to protect the adhesive layer for future use.


Traditional solvent based acrylic and silicone pressure sensitive adhesives lack the chemical and solvent resistance needed for high performance industrial tape and label applications.  In addition, many manufacturing processes can benefit from a contact adhesive that forms chemically resistant bonds to high and low energy substrates.  SPUR+ PSA 3.0 offers best in class chemical resistance with a optimum balance of peel and tack that makes it an ideal adhesive for applications that require an adhesive to bond to multiple substrates and withstand harsh chemicals.

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