Slip And Antiblock Performance For Effective Film Conversion

Tospearl™ Plastic Additives - Developed For Converters and Manufacturers

The Tospearl™ series of micro-fine silicone resins decreases the contact between film layers, lowering the coefficient of friction (COF) and thus preventing them from sticking together. The silicone helps improve film clarity while requiring lower usage levels than other antiblocks like silica, talc or mica.

With Tospearl™, there is no need to worry about heat sealing issues like traditional migratory plastic additives. Below are features that make Tospearl™ a great choice in BOPP films.

  • Low uniform COF resulting in higher quality & less downtime at converter
  • Tight particle size distribution leading to faster extrusion rates and low dosage level
  • Thermally stable up to 400 degree C causing no yellowing and very low weight loss
  • FDA approved for direct food contact applications
  • Excellent water repellency

Tospearl™ is available in a variety of particle sizes and suitable for most film thicknesses. The diameter of the resin bead should approximately be 40% of the skin layer thickness to provide the lowest possible COF to ensure adequate bead retention.

Measured on a COULTER COUNTER MULTISIZER II (Electrical Sensing Zone method) 
A 2% dispersion in methanol/water (1/1)
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