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N Butyl Mercaptan for Removing Scale from Metal Surface

Chevron Phillips N Butyl Mercaptan

Chevron Phillips N Butyl Mercaptan (Butanethiol) is a yellowish liquid with strong odor used as an industrial solvent and intermediate in food nutritional applications as well as flavour and fragrance intermediate, agrochemical intermediates to maintain fertile land, grow crops and raise healthy livestock. Mixing with other products, N Butyl Mercaptan is also used to formulate a cleaning product capable of removing iron scales from metal surfaces in steam generating equipment.
Where water is circulated, and heat transfer occurs, water insoluble salts deposit on the metalic surfaces, therefore, steam generators equipment such as steam boilers, feed water heaters, piping and heat exchangers, can benefit from cleaner compositions that include N-butyl mercaptan since it is useful for removing scale from metal surfaces. 

Steam generator equipment in pressurized water reactor are heat exchangers transferring heat from primary coolant system to secondary coolant system. The secondary system, in pressurized water reactor, magnetite deposits are formed over time in heat transfer surfaces and mild steel support structures. This causes problems associated with loss in heat transfer efficiency and corrosion of system metallurgies through denting and pitting mechanisms.

Although the deposits are usually removed on an infrequent basis using off-line chemical or mechanical methods, chemical methods are cheaper and more efficient than the mechanical method ss chemical method is traditionally used a solution of diammonium EDTA together with a corrosion inhibitor alkyl-thiopolyminoamid at a temperature between 200 and 290 F, making N-butyl mercaptan the perfect solution in combination with other products to create the perfect cleaner composition for removing those deposits.

The Ethoxylated mercaptan works as corrosion inhibitor in the formulation to protect metal from the acid cleaner (HEDP).  Ethoxylated mercaptans can be prepared from a reaction of Ethylene Oxide and Mercaptans such as ethyl mercaptan, n-buthyl mercaptan, n-dodecyl mercaptan, Sulfole 120 etc.


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