Paraloid™ Performance Additives for Engineered Resins

PARALOID™ from Dow offers a broad range of products that are designed for improved impact resistance and for use as tougheners in a variety of resin types and end-use applications.
PARALOID™ EXL products are top quality impact modifiers that provide excellent toughness and impact resistance when used in engineered resin formulations. PARALOID™ EXL grades are widely used in a variety of industrial and consumer applications including automotive parts, electronics, durables, and lightening systems.

Why should you add PARALOID™ to your engineered resins?

  • Increased impact resistance
  • Enhanced ductility
  • Limited deformation of engineered resins
  • Improved energy absorption to avoid cracks

  Recommended products by the type of the engineered resin:

PARALOID™ MBS grades offer low-temperature impact resistance, excellent efficiency, and non-weatherable (UV). They are also thermally stabilized to endure high-temperature processing conditions.
PARALOID™ Acrylic grades offer superior weatherability and enhanced thermal stability for various applications. Paraloid™ Acrylics are ideal when room T impact is required.

Featured PARALOID™ Products


Excellent performance impact modifiers with exceptional compatibility for use in PC and PC/ABS Alloys. It provides balanced low T impact and application efficiency.

PARALOID™ EXL-2361 / 3361

Specialty grades with increased thermal stability for use in extreme compounding and molding processes, especially PC/PBT and PBT systems.

PARALOID™ EXL-2330 / 3330

Work-horse impact modifiers that are acrylic based and provide excellent performance in PC and PC alloy systems.

PARALOID™ EXL-2691J/ 3691J

Excellent choice for extreme compounding conditions and for high temperature and humidity end use applications

  Use guidelines based on the engineered resin type:


PARALOID™ for Appearance and Gloss Modifications:

PARALOID™ EXL-5136 (powder) and EXL-5137 (pellet) are excellent for lowering the gloss in engineering resins applications including PC, PC/Blends, PBT, POM, and many other resin types. The highlighted grades are featured with large primary particle size and controlled morphology that creates a satin to matte finish.

PARALOID™ EXL-5136 and PARALOID™ EXL-5137 are excellent for use in injection molding and extruded sheet applications, typically loaded at 3-10% depending on the gloss reduction required. They are also used in clear polycarbonate resins to enhance the light diffusion for use in lightening applications and a loading level lower than 1%.

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