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PARALOID™ Performance Additives for Engineered Resins

PARALOID™ from the Dow Chemical Company (Dow) provides exceptional impact durability performance for various engineered resins.  PARALOID™ performance additives are designed for impact strength and used as tougheners for a wide range of resin types and end-use applications.
PARALOID™ impact modifiers provide exceptional high-performance benefits to a broad range of engineered resins. As market demand grows for increasingly advanced plastic applications, PARALOID™ impact modifiers benefit a broad range of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer systems with durability, excellent compatibility, and impact strength. They are used in various industrial and consumer applications, including automotive parts, electronics, packaging, durables, appliances, and lightening systems.   

PARALOID™ additives for engineered resins and plastics have enhanced ductility and improved absorption properties. Acrylic polymer systems are also supported by these performance-enhancing additives.   


Why you should add PARALOID™ to your engineered resins

  • Increased impact resistance
  • Enhanced ductility
  • High-Performance reliability
  • Limited deformation and processability of engineered resins
  • Improved energy absorption to avoid cracks

  Recommended performance additives by engineering resin:

PARALOID™ MBS impact modifiers offer low-temperature impact strength, resistance, excellent efficiency, processability, and non-weatherable (UV). They are also thermally stabilized to endure high-temperature and extreme compounding and molding conditions. 
PARALOID™ Acrylic impact modifier grades offer superior weatherability and enhanced heat stability for various thermoset and thermoplastic applications. Paraloid™ Acrylics are ideal when room T impact is required. 

Featured PARALOID™ Products


Excellent performance impact modifiers with exceptional compatibility for use in Polycarbonate (PC) and Polycarbonate-Blend systems. It provides balanced low T impact and application efficiency by increasing the ductility of injection moldings.

PARALOID™ EXL-2361 / 3361

Specialty grades with increased thermal stability and a good balance of toughness in extreme compounding and molding process Typical applications in PC blends, PC/PBT, and PBT systems. 

PARALOID™ EXL-2330 / 3330

Considered the work-horse of impact modifiers, EXL2300/3330 are acrylic-based and provide excellent performance in PC and PC alloy systems. These grades are beneficial in applications where weatherability is needed.

PARALOID™ EXL-2691J/ 3691J

This MBS impact modifier is an excellent choice for extreme compounding and molding conditions against high temperature and humidity end-use applications. EXL-2691J also keeps a good melt flow, easy dispersion, and processability in thermoplastics. 

  Use guidelines based on the type of engineered resin:


PARALOID™ for Appearance and Gloss Modifications:

PARALOID™ EXL-5136 (powder) and EXL-5137 (pellet) are excellent for lowering the gloss in engineering resins applications, including PC, PC/Blends, PBT, POM, and many other resin types. The highlighted grades feature large primary particle size and controlled morphology, creating a satin to a matte finish.

PARALOID™ EXL-5136 and PARALOID™ EXL-5137 are excellent for use in injection molding and extrusion of sheet applications, typically loaded at 3-10% depending on the gloss reduction required. They are also used in clear polycarbonate resins to enhance the light diffusion in lightening applications and a loading level lower than 1%.
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