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PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers for EV Battery Casings

Due to government investment and rising consumer demand, electric vehicles are primed for exponential growth. With the passage of the bipartisan Inflation Reduction Act, numerous provisions pertaining to electric vehicles and EV charging infrastructure will accelerate the adoption of this alternative energy source. The Build Back Better plan features include substantial incentives for passenger electric vehicles, such as tax benefits and the ability to reassure consumers with respect to drivers’ range anxiety.

The federal government has currently approved 35 state proposals for an EV charging infrastructure spanning 53,000 miles of highway. Safety, compliance, performance, and cost are significant factors in the ultimate acceptance of e-mobility. Traditional metal components encounter cost, weight, and general design constraints when creating EV battery packs, casings, or enclosures.

Due to their favorable qualities, engineering resins and composites (or blends) are increasingly utilized in automotive under-the-hood applications. The thermoplastic applications for both internal combustion engine automobiles and electric vehicles will greatly increase. EV battery case makers prefer flame-resistant polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) mixes due to their modularity, interoperability, and second-life use by recycling battery enclosures.

EV Battery Enclosures

Lightweighting is essential for EV manufacturers to improve overall efficiency and driving range. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates a 1%–2% improvement in fuel efficiency for every 100 lb of vehicle weight loss or reduction. For under-the-hood lightweighting, various composite materials must encase the lithium-ion batteries that power the vehicleComposite battery enclosures or casings must withstand the structural needs of these electric motors, but they can also lower the vehicle's weight by substituting traditional metal components.

Battery enclosures for EVs, PHEVs, and HEVs are the housing and frame of the battery engine and they protect the battery cells. Thermal management and impact strength are critical for protection against thermal runaways. 


Dow PARALOID™ Impact Modifiers For Battery Enclosures 

Dow PARALOID™ impact modifiers and processing aids offers a range of solutions for composites, engineering resins, and blends that not only improve the performance of the electric vehicle components but can improve the processability and economics of your end-products. 

  • Impact resistant
  • Weatherability
  • Flow control
  • Melt strength
  • Lubricity

For EV-fabricated components, PARALOID™ BPM Impact modifiers provide a vast range of performance and processing improvements, including durability and improved color stability. in particular, PARALOID™ EXL 3330 was designed to optimize engineered resins with increased strength, thermal management, and extreme weatherability in harsh conditions. PARALOID™ processing aids for various engineered resins and blends off improved production efficiency and release properties from metal molds or extrusion. 


If you are interested in learning more about how PARALOID™ impact modifiers can enhance the battery casing of your electric vehicle, please contact one of our technical consultants now.

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