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Stearic Acid For All Your Applications

PMC Biogenix™ provides some of the highest-quality refined stearic acid products available on the market today.  

Their proprietary chemistries, Hystrene® and Industrene®, represent a broad portfolio of stearic acid that offers manufacturers and chemical intermediates various grades of:  

  • Palmitic acid
  • Tallow acid
  • Stearic acid
  • Oleic acid
  • Linoleic acid
  • Behenic acid

PMC Hystrene® saturated and unsaturated fatty acids offer superior quality and protection for oxidative and thermal stability. Industrene® fatty acids are derived from natural sources, sustainable vegetable oils, or animal fats (such as tallow). PMC Hystrene® and Industrene® polymer additives can provide uses in applications such as plastics, rubber, chemical intermediates, food packaging, lubricants, metallic soaps, candles, metalworking, and many more. 

The table below illustrates multiple grades of PMC fatty acids partnered with the most common applications.

PMC Biogenix™ Stearic Acid


PMC Biogenix is a domestic producer of primary amides in North America for the plastics additives market. They offer over fifty years of development and manufacturing of oleochemical derivatives. Product offerings include fatty acids, fatty esters, triglycerides, glycerin approved for pharmaceutical applications, glycerol esters, amides, bisamides, and stearates. With a 16.000 square-foot facility in Memphis, Tennessee, their Center for Renewable Chemistry (CDC) is a cornerstone for product, process and application development efforts. This center includes a technical center and pilot scale manufacturing facility. PMC’s dedication and commitment to the chemical industry ensures customer’s perceived and un-perceived needs are well met.


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