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PMC Kemamide® Fatty Amides

Slip and Antiblock additives for plastics

PMC Biogenix™ creates some of the highest quality amide products available in the market today. The Kemamide® line of amides has a broad selection of plastic additives, rubber additives, and lubricants that are suitable for inclusion in polyolefins, engineering resins, elastomers & PVC.

Why Choose Kemamide® Fatty Amides?
PMC Biogenix™ offers primary, secondary, and bisamide grades that are consistently high quality, reliable, and come in various forms for easy drop-in solutions or handling properties. Primary amides provide slip and antiblocking properties for polyolefins, rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and even coatings. Secondary amides impart outstanding thermal stability, mold flow improvement, and lubricity for polymer applications. PMC Biogenix™ Fatty bisamide additives offer calendering, injection, and blow molding benefits by providing a lubricating layer and bloom control. PMC Biogenix™ fatty amide additives help polymers lower the coefficient of friction (COF), provide mold release solutions for molded polyolefins, and improve torque release for bottle caps and closures.

Kemamide® Benefits:

  • High slip and antiblocking performance
  • Anti-mar additive delivers benefits for coatings
  • Lubricating and secondary mold release
  • High-temperature stability
  • Food contact approval
  • Various physical forms (beads, powders, pastilles, prills) and melting ranges 
Review the product selector table below to find the best PMC Biogenix fatty amide grade that works best for your formulation needs.
PMC Biogenix Kemamide® portfolio of fatty amides offers various performance benefits for processors and manufacturers for thermoplastics, elastomers, lubricants, coatings, waxes, and more. Talk to an expert today about which Kemamide® grade works best for your formulations. 


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