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Glypure® GL: Skin care for the modern consumer

Glypure® GL active from PureTech Scientific, previously manufactured by Chemours, delivers all the benefits of an AHA while minimizing the potential for skin irritation. Glypure® GL delivers a glycolic in a time-release fashion which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and increases water content in your skin for long-lasting results. AHA activates when it combines with the moisture in your skin creating benefits that can last up to 24 hours.This is a completely new and innovative ingredient on the market that maintains anti-aging activity and minimizes sensitivity.

Get the powerful anti-aging results that your customers demand from their beauty products with Glypure® GL.


More than two years of research have demonstrated that using Glypure® GL as an active ingredient provides benefits such as:
  • Generating glycolic acid in situ upon exposure to moisture in the skin.
  • Delivering the benefits of an AHA without applying acid to the skin.
  • Increased efficiency in delivering active ingredients.
  • Offering lower irritation potential than AHAs.
  • Multiple means of controlling degree of penetration.
  • Patent pending application.


In a 10-person, 4-week study completed by AMA Laboratories:


Day 7

Day 14

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