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Rilsan® Powder Coatings for Medical

Medical devices and apparatuses go through many different scenarios requiring long-term surface protection. Rilsan® fine powders are the go-to solution for coatings that provide phenomenal chemical and abrasion protection, biocompatibility, and longevity.
Rilsan® fine powder coatings are bio-based thermoplastic powders that are renewably sourced. These fine powders are derived from castor oil and made from a polymer known as polyamide 11 (PA11). Coatings derived from polyamide 11 are highly durable, long lasting, and resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and impact. They are also nontoxic, highly flexible, and offer a smooth surface with low moisture absorption. This combination of properties makes Rilsan® fine powder coatings from Arkema an ideal material for coating applications found in the medical field.

Rilsan® fine powder coatings are thermoplastic powder, which means no chemical reaction takes place during the application process. Any changes observed are merely physical changes of state. Conversely, a thermosetting coating is a coating application that involves a chemical reaction. This process requires optimizing the application conditions to achieve the desired coating performance.

Rilsan® fine powder coatings are lightweight polymer powder coatings that exhibit a tensile modulus of 18.5 GPa. This tensile modulus value allows Rilsan® powder coatings to be a phenomenal replacement for metals in the production of demanding surgical tools.

Why use powder coatings for medical equipment?

Medical devices and equipment are subjected to harsh cleaning procedures. A coating that can be applied to a wide array of medical equipment is necessary to ensure safety and cleanliness standards are met. Below are some key aspects of Rilsan® Fine Powder Coatings that make them ideal.

Durability: Rilsan® fine powders are highly durable. They are resistant to impact, abrasion, scratching, and chemicals often found in harsh cleaning products used on medical devices and equipment to ensure there is no contamination between uses.

Sustainability: Derived from PA 11 from castor oil, these powder coatings are renewable and free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The castor oil is harvested from sustainably farmed material with 100% renewable content (per ASTM D6866) that does not compete directly with the food chain or cause deforestation.

Flexibility and Aesthetics: Rilsan® powder coatings show a high level of flexibility. These lightweight coatings provide a wide range of motion, allowing the coating to bend and flex without cracking or peeling. Additionally, these coatings come in a wide variety of finishes, offering many different options for customization.

Medical Equipment Applications

Medical equipment undergoes rigorous cleaning schedules to ensure no contamination occurs when equipment is used between patients. To meet strict health and safety codes, Rilsan® powder coatings offer ideal properties for many medical devices.
Sterilization trays are designed to hold surgical tools and go through multiple sterilization cycles. During procedures, these trays and brackets may become contaminated and will need to be sterilized. Therefore, a coating resistant to cleaning chemicals under multiple cycles is necessary for longevity and reusability.
These coatings are designed for easy application and comfort for surgeons. Rilsan® powder coatings can even be used on surgical tools, such as cauterization tools. The coating can also electrically insulate the equipment for cauterization tools for safety and comfortability.
Rilsan® powder coatings contain dedicated additives that reduce the risk of equipment contamination and limit microbe growth. These properties not only prolong the medical equipment’s operating lifetime but also assist hospitals in the long term against severe bacterial attacks.


Medical devices and equipment in the medical industry must adhere to a standard of cleanliness and safety. They undergo harsh sterilization cycles; therefore, utilizing a coating that can withstand the harshness of cleaning chemicals ensures the longevity and reusability of medical apparatuses. Rilsan® powder coatings are bio-based coatings derived from polyamide 11. They are easy to use, highly flexible and aesthetic, and resistant to abrasion, harsh chemicals, and impact. These powder coatings can be used in many different applications across different industries and are a phenomenal choice for medical applications. Learn more about Arkema Rilsan® powder coatings here: Rilsan® Fine Powders, Arkema - ChemPoint.

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