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Rilsan® Sustainable Powder Coatings

Sustainable Powder Coatings

Rilsan® nylon-based powder coatings are 100% renewably sourced, bioderived thermoplastics used for a variety of substrate types. They are also VOC free, making them an environmentally friendly and ecologically clean solution.

What Are Rilsan® Fine Powders? 

Rilsan® coatings are made from polyamide 11 (PA11), a specific polymer coating type acquired from renewable castor oil. Polyamide 11 nylon is a preferred metal coating material for numerous applications due to its excellent, long-lasting resistance to corrosion, harsh chemicals, and natural elements. These coatings are superior for protecting and enhancing the surface of metal parts and components while providing a more eco-friendly solution.

Bio-Based Polymers Derived From A Bean 

  • 100% bio-based, high-performance powders
  • Ideal solution for numerous applications and a variety of substrates 

Castor Sustainability Initiative 

Nylon 11 polyamides are advanced fine-powder polymers derived from a sustainably farmed castor feedstock seed. Pragati, is the sustainable castor initiative that Arkema cofounded. This initiative aims to enhance castor productivity by training farmers to build capacity, improve yields, and reduce environmental impacts. Initiatives like this and products that put sustainability on a pedestal, help preserve our planet and precious natural resources. The Pragati initiative also aims to continue a deep societal impact, placing an emphasis on farmers and their families. This social influence extends to environmental impact as these advanced biocircular materials help the world reduce its carbon footprint, a footprint further reduced when these polymers are recycled and reused.

The Importance of Bio-Based Coatings 

When it comes to sustainable applications, using an advanced biocircular powder coating, such as nylon 11, is significant. Nylon 11 (PA11) powders have greater corrosion, rust, and chemical resistance compared to other materials, such as epoxy or polyesters, and utilizing them also supports our universal goal to solve environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity. In a consumer-driven world, manufacturers should strive to be the driving factor for positive change, and that starts with sourcing ingredients that emphasize the significance of people and the planet.

Polyamide 11 Benefits 

Rilsan® powder coatings made from polyamides, are recyclable and reusable and can be used for many decades due to their high dimensional stability, low density, and long-term durability. Other properties of Rilsan® nylon powders are their outstanding high- and low- temperature performance, sound flexibility and reduction, and the simple dispersion process.

Method of Application 

Rilsan® PA11 bio-based polymer powder coatings are typically dispersed using an electrostatic spray method. This convenient technique ensures even coverage of the workpiece and precise control of surface thickness. This method positively charges fine coating particles via an electrostatic or a "corona" spray gun. Once the polyamide powder has been charged, it is sprayed onto the surface of the grounded metal parts, which statically attracts the powder. After the polyamide 11 based coating has settled, it is transferred to an industrial oven to heat cure the final coating, leaving behind a nonporous and smooth surface finish.

Choosing the Right Powder  

When selecting the powder coating material for an application, there are a few factors to consider, such as, outdoor vs. indoor use, food safety considerations, and flexibility requirements. Rilsan® PA11 powders are easy to handle using most processing technologies, such as, injection molding, roto molding, 3D printing, and extrusion.

Industries and Applications 


Rilsan® nylon 11 renewable coatings are suitable for use in small automotive parts, such as fasteners, wires, exterior automotive applications, and undergarment hooks, because they have excellent resistance to metal and chemical corrosion, and fluctuating temperatures. They also have efficient flexibility and sound reduction, making them an ideal polymer for the automotive industry.

Textiles & Wearables 

Polyamide 11 powders provide a lightweight and bio-based solution for applications such as smart watches, headphones, and fitness trackers. PA11 nylon is an advanced biocircular-based polymer that offers exceptional performance and aims to improve your carbon footprint while on the go.

Oil & Gas 

Offshore oil and gas applications and processes, like seismic acquisition systems, require a polymer coating capable of withstanding harsh chemicals and high and low temperatures. Rilsan® PA11 powders can withstand these physically demanding and extreme environments while providing superior abrasion and impact resistance to composite pipes, wire and cables, flexible flow lines, and risers.


PA11 nylon polymers are ideal for electronic device components due to their lightweight, durability, and easy-processing capabilities.

Wires & Cables 

Nylon 11 polyamide powder coatings play a key role in various wire and cable applications, such as, fiber cable jackets, indoor and outdoor cables and cable ties, and heat-shrinkable tubing.

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