SI Group Plastic Additives for Packaging Applications

Plastics play a vital role in maintaining the quality of a wide range of products during shipping, handling, storage, and shelf time.
They offer the best protection in packaging applications with minimal cost and resources. Packaging materials are supplied in different forms including bottles, crates and pallets, closures, disposables, drums, food containers and trays, film, protective packaging, and bulk containers.

The global demand for packaging plastics continues to rise with the increased consumption of snacks and innovations in eatables. Performance additives are a must-have in packaging plastics to protect from degradation and to maintain their integrity over the product lifetime.

Explore our range of antioxidants, coupling agents, light stabilizers, and compatibilizers from the SI Group:

Antioxidants and Heat Stabilizers

Antioxidants inhibit and slow down the oxidative degradation of polymers by preventing the propagation steps of oxidation. Antioxidants are classified as primary or secondary antioxidants, depending on the method by which they prevent oxidation. Here are the featured antioxidants for polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) packaging applications:

ANOX™ 20:

Anox 20ANOX™ 20 is a hindered phenolic antioxidant that is excellent for polypropylene packaging plastics. It offers low volatility, good color control, cost efficiency, and broad global food contact approvals.
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Ethanox 330ETHANOX™ 330 is an extraction resistant phenolic antioxidant that provides excellent protection, low volatility, and broad FDA approvals.
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LOWINOX™ 1790:

Lowinox 1790LOWINOX™ 1790 is a high performance hindered phenolic antioxidant that offers hydrolytic stability and low migration in polyolefin packaging plastics.
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Anox IC14ANOX™ IC14 is a low volatility phenolic antioxidant with excellent extraction resistance, good color properties, and global food contact approvals for use in packaging polyolefins.
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Ultranox 626ULTRANOX™ 626 is a high-performance organophosphite antioxidant that offers low loading rate and color stability in a wide range of packaging plastic applications.
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Coupling Agents and Compatibilizers

POLYBOND™ is a range of coupling agents from SI Group. It is excellent for use as a tie layer in polyolefin and BOPP packaging applications.

POLYBOND™ 7200 is designed to meet the needs of high-speed processing and complex adhesion applications compared to traditional coupling agents. It provides high gloss, increased tear strength, and excellent adhesion for printed BOPP to a tie-layer.

Explore our range of coupling agents and compatibilizers for packaging from the SI Group

UV and Light Stabilizers

Light stabilizers, also called ultraviolet (UV) light absorbers, are used to prevent degradation of plastic materials by ultraviolet light which damages and degrades the plastics’ visual and physical properties. UV and light stabilizers are used in a wide range of polyolefins and other packaging materials to inhibit photo-degradation with exposure to sunlight and some artificial lights.

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