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ALKANOX™ 240 Phosphite Antioxidant Processing Stabilizer

SI Group’s ALKANOX™ 240 phosphite antioxidant and stabilizer effectively reduces peroxide-induced degradation of most polymer substances during processing. ALKANOX™ 240 exhibits low volatility, long-term performance, and improved color control that enhances the protection of adhesives, plastics, and coatings during high-temperature processing. 

ALKANOX™ 240 organophosphite antioxidant exhibits excellent hydrolytic stability and offer synergetic benefits with phenolic antioxidants. As a secondary antioxidant, ALKANOX™ 240 can be combined with the SI Group portfolio of UV stabilizers and primary antioxidants for enhanced performance.
  ALKANOX™ 240 Physical Properties  
  Appearance White, powder or granules  
  Primary Chemistry Tris(2,4-di-t-butylphenyl) phosphite  
  Formula/Molecular Weight (g/mol) 647  
  Bulk Density (kg/m3) 550 (pw) / 530 (gr)  
  Melting Range [°C] 182-188  
  CAS Number 31570-04-4  


  • Broad FDA approvals
  • Stable, readily available supply to meet your project needs
  • Compatible with many polymer systems, including polyolefins, polycarbonate, ABS (styrenes), and polyester
  • High compatibility and synergism with a wide range of polymer additives, such as phenolic antioxidants, acid neutralizers, UV stabilizers, and other functional additives
ALKANOX™ 240 FT-IR Competitive Comparison


ALKANOX™ 240 general-purpose antioxidant offers thermoplastic, coating, and adhesive formulators processing protection against thermal oxidative degradation. This versatile phosphite additive is resistant to hydrolysis and improves the long-term stability of the polymer. Talk to one of our experts today about how ALKANOX™ 240 can enhance your formulation.


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