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SI Group | Building and Construction Plastic Additives

The SI Group polymer additives protect building and construction plastics against thermal, ultra-violet, and oxidative degradation.

Polyolefins and plastic materials utilize various performance additives and stabilizers to improve the plastic composites' overall durability, weather resistance, and endurance in building and construction applications. With continued increases in regulations and construction standards, antioxidants and stabilizers are expected to meet these stringent ISO requirements.


The SI Group protects plastic resins from degradation in building and construction applications like shingles, TPO or composite roofing materials, spray foam insulation, polymer siding, PE decks, and floors. With their diverse portfolio of antioxidants, UV light stabilizers, polymer modifiers, and compatibilizers, the construction industry benefits significantly from incorporating their additive portfolio depending on the polymer resin system. 

ChemPoint offers a comprehensive portfolio of antioxidants, stabilizers, and compatibilizers from the SI Group that can help you achieve construction standards in your end-use plastic materials.


Antioxidants are stabilizers used in various resin systems to inhibit the oxidative degradation of polymers by preventing the propagation steps of oxidation that occur during the initial manufacturing, fabrication, or subsequent exposure to the environment and extreme conditions. Polymer solutions for construction materials must also endure weatherability and thermo-oxidative conditions over their lifetime. SI Group family of antioxidants support Polyethylene, Polypropylene to Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which require color retention, high-temperature thermal stability, and non-discoloring properties during polymerization.

Light Stabilizers:

Light stabilizers or UV stabilizers are specialty additives that inhibit the degradation of polymer building materials by ultraviolet light. Light stabilizers prevent damages to the plastics' visual and physical colorant properties caused by exposure to UV light. Benzophenones are used as general-purpose UV absorbers in transparent and light color plastics. Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) are the most effective light stabilizers and can be used in various polymer resins such as Polyolefins, Polyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and Polypropylene systems.

Polymer Modifiers and Compatibilizers:

The compatibility of fillers with the polymer matrix is essential for the stability and strength of plastic formulations. POLYBOND™ polymer modifiers and compatibilizers unleash fillers' potential by improving the bonding and dispersion of fillers to the resin's matrix. POLYBOND™ can help you achieve the desired resistance, strength, and mechanical properties for your building & construction end-use product.

POLYBOND™ 3200 and 7200 are excellent compatibilizers from SI Group that act as a coupling agent for natural fiber fillers in polypropylene and polyethylene formulations. They are a perfect choice for plastic composites in building and construction applications, including decking, flooring, siding, and cladding.

POLYBOND™ 3200 is very effective at enhancing the mechanical properties and improving the flexural strength of natural fibers and plastic compounds at a low level of use.

POLYBOND™ 7200 offers long-term performance to composite decks and flooring by reducing water uptake and increasing fluid resistance. At low dosage levels, POLYBOND™ 7200 improves the flexural strength and reduces water absorption in wood composites by up to 50%.

Still unsure which SI Group Solution will work best for your application? Explore our SI Group selector guide to help you find a suitable solution for your formulation below:

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