PROMITOR® Dietary Fiber

Better Gut Health and Clean Taste

The majority of consumers are looking to increase their fiber intake. PROMITOR® from Tate & Lyle provides over 2X the digestive tolerance of inulin and offers better shelf stability than other fibers so there's no need to overcompensate for fiber loss. With clean taste, great mouthfeel, and superior digestive tolerance, PROMITOR® Soluble Fiber is the ideal solution for gut health and flavor benefits in your food and beverage products.

Features, Benefits, & Functionality

Health Benefits

  • Prebiotic properties with more than two times the digestive tolerance of inulin
  • May assist with healthy weight management by providing minimal calories (1.2-2 kcal/g)
  • Supports healthy blood glucose levels by decreasing postprandial glycemic response
  • ​May support bone health by increasing calcium absorption and bone calcium retention


  • Provides fiber enrichment
  • Helps reduce calories
  • Adds back bulk and viscosity in reduced-sugar products; maintaining texture and mouth-feel
  • Neutral color
  • Clean taste


  • Completely soluble in water
  • Affects water activity and freezing
  • Ease of dissolution enables boosted fiber content without increasing mixing or processing time


  • Has excellent process and shelf stability
  • No need to compensate for fiber loss caused by high heat and shear during processing or storage
  • Costs can be kept lower as a result of not needing overcompensation
  • Stable in low pH systems like juices


 Baked Goods






 Desserts, ice cream

 Dressings, sauces

 Frozen foods

 Meal replacement

PROMITOR is a trademark of Tate & Lyle PLC

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