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Trilene® EPDM in Rubber Compounding

Trilene® liquid polymers are a family of low molecular weight ethylene-propylene copolymers and ethylene-propylene non-conjugated diene terpolymers. Liquid EPDM polymers are used in a variety of rubber compounding formulations to enhance the process properties and improve the quality of molded products. 

Trilene® are excellent plasticizers, crosslinkers, and viscosity modifiers in a wide range of rubber, elastomer, and plastic applications. Trilene® provides exceptional versatility, which makes it suitable for use in a broad range of traditional rubber curing processes by itself or in combination with solid elastomers.

Why Trilene® for Rubber Compounding


  • Trilene® polymers are used to lower the viscosity of rubber formulations for improved processability.
  • Trilene® provides improved physical properties and reduced scrap.
  • Trilene® is an excellent choice for improved hardness in high durometer rubber formulations.
  • Trilene® is VOC free and non-extractable.
  • Trilene® facilitates the mixing process, which reduces the overall mixing capital cost.

Trilene® Functionality in Rubber Compounding

Low Viscosity: 

Trilene® EPDM based products are featured with a low viscosity compared to traditional EPDM polymers. The low viscosity enables lower intensity mixing requirements, which can contribute to capital savings through the use of less expensive mixing equipment and tools.

Reactive Plasticizer:

Trilene® EPDM polymers are used to substitute high molecular weight elastomers in many rubber compounding formulations. The polymers provide enhanced physical properties and reduced production scrap. Trilene® liquid polymers are also curable, non-extractable, and nonvolatile after cure. The addition of Trilene® at 10 phr typically lowers the Mooney viscosity of rubber compounds by 15 points.

Trilene® Applications:

Trilene® liquid EPDM copolymers and terpolymers are typically used to modify the flow characteristics and enhance the processing of high molecular weight elastomers, thermoplastics, and plastics.

Trilene® is an ideal solution to improve hardness and processing properties in high durometer rubber formulations. Replacing the conventional plasticizers with Trilene® terpolymers maximizes hardness and enhances the compounding process without compromising physical properties or compression set.


High Durometer Rubber Compounding with Trilene®

Recipe: 100phr High MW EPDM polymer, 140phr N-785 black, Plasticizer variable, Stearic acid - 1phr, Zinc oxide - 5phr, PE wax - 10phr, TAC (72%) 2.8phr, CaO (80) - 5phr, Di-(t-butylperoxy-i-propyl) benzene(60%) - 3.3phr

Effect of Plasticizer on Hardness

Recipe: 100phr High MW EPDM polymer, 60phr N-774 black, Plasticizer variable, Zinc oxide - 5phr, TMQ - 1phr, TMTM - 2phr, Dicumyl Peroxide (40%) - 7phr

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