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    What is UCARCIDE™ 25 Antimicrobial?

    UCARCIDE™ 25 antimicrobial is a glutaraldehyde-based preservative and antimicrobial manufactured by DuPont. UCARCIDE™ 25 provides superior wet-state preservation and in-can protection to a variety of water-based products and formulations in the consumer and industrial markets.

    Glutaraldehyde, the active ingredient in UCARCIDE™ 25 Antimicrobial,  is one of the most powerful biocidal molecules on the market today with superior effectiveness versus bacteria, mold, and yeast.

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The Glutaraldehyde chemistry or 1,5-Pentandial is widely used as a preservative, disinfectant, and sterilant in various applications.

Why UCARCIDE™ 25 For Your Laundry Detergents?


UCARCIDE™ 25, a glutaraldehyde based preservative, is an ideal preservative for a variety of household, institutional and industrial formulations especially laundry detergents, cleaners, and fabric softeners for the following reasons:


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    Outstanding Efficacy

    UCARCIDE™ 25 offers a broad spectrum of efficacy against bacteria, fungi, mold, and yeast and at a low level of use for maximum cost-efficiency gains to formulators and manufacturers.

    Formulation Versatility

    Glutaraldehyde, the active ingredient in UCARCIDE™ 25, is a high versatility molecule that provides the flexibility for the rapidly evolving laundry formulations in today's and tomorrow's market.

    Chemistry profile

    "Glutaraldehyde" is frequently confused with "Formaldehyde" because of the "Aldehyde" chemical family name. UCARCIDE™ 25 is a formaldehyde-free product, non-carcinogenic, and readily biodegradable.

    Broad Compatibility

    UCARCIDE™ 25 is perfectly compatible with surfactants, thickeners antimicrobials, and other common formulation ingredients. It is also easily dissolved in water and highly tolerant to salts.

    Supply Stability

    If you had to change the preservative in your formulations because of availability issues and supply disruptions, you will not have to do that again with UCARCIDE™. Glutaraldehyde from DuPont is manufactured in the united states, unlike most of the biocides' actives in the market today.

    Global Approvals

    UCARCIDE™ 25 is EPA approved for the use in aqueous or water containing products and systems, including industrial, institutional, and consumer in-can process

    es and products, to control the growth of bacteria and fungi. It also carries approvals from Canada PMRA and Europe BFR.

UCARCIDE™ 25 Top Recommended Applications


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    Laundry Detergents


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    Fabric Softeners

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    Multi-Purpose Cleaners

UCARCIDE™ 25 Use Level and Application Details

UCARIDE™ 25 is supplied in a liquid solution and is recommended for use in aqueous or water-containing products and systems, including industrial, institutional, and consumer in-can processes and products. Glutaraldehyde (CAS# 111-30-8), the active of UCARIDE™ 25, controls and prevents the microbial growth of bacteria and fungi in cleaners and laundry detergents.


For effective preservation, add UCARCIDE 25 antimicrobial to the product formulation at a rate of 0.04% to 0.4% based on the water content of the product (0.4 to 4.0 lbs UCARCIDE 25 Antimicrobial per 1,000 lbs water content).


UCARCIDE™ 25 antimicrobials are compatible with systems containing tertiary amines, and quaternary ammonium compounds and secondary amines (at concentrations of less than 0.05%).

UCARCIDE™ 25 antimicrobial performance can be affected by the presence of ammonia, primary amines, and enzymes the same as most of the non-oxidizing biocides and preservatives. However, the loss of efficacy may be minimized by adjusting the pH to the acidic pH range. This action will form amine salts that are far less reactive with glutaraldehyde than is the free-amine form.


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