ULTRANOX™ 626 Antioxidant For Food Packaging

What is ULTRANOX™ 626?

ULTRANOX™ 626 is a high-performance organophosphite antioxidant that is specially designed for demanding applications when color stability is required. It is one of the highest phosphorous content secondary antioxidants in the market, which provides improved protection, reduced loading rate, and lower overall cost. The product is available in powder and granular form, supplied by SI Group, a leading supplier for plastic additives and stabilizers.

ULTRANOX™ 626 is also featured with FDA food contact approval A through H for use in polypropylene polymers and copolymers. The FDA approval, combined with performance benefits make ULTRANOX® 626 ideal for use in a wide range of polypropylene packaging and many other food contact applications.


Why should you use ULTRANOX™ 626 stabilizers?

  • Higher phosphorous content than competitive phosphite antioxidants
  • Exceptional color, melt stability and protection
  • Excellent synergy with phenolic antioxidants and stabilizers
  • Exhibits low gas fading characteristics for critical fiber and film applications
  • Very effective in mineral-filled and black filled PP processing
  • Cost-efficient due to its high active content and low level of use
  • Top-quality, produced in domestically in WV
  • Supply security, dedicated production line for ULTRANOX® 626
  • Broad range of A-H FDA compliance

ULTRANOX™ 626 In Packaging Applications

ULTRANOX™ 626 is an excellent choice for food packaging producers and brand owners due to its FDA compliances, advanced color stability, and lower cost (lower loading rate). It provides the quality, reliability, and cost savings required in the modern fast-growing packaging market:

ULTRANOX™ 626 is a high-performance stabilizer for polypropylene (PP), polypropylene fibers and BOPP thermoplastic sheets with FDA approval for a variety of polypropylene polymers and copolymers food contact applications.

ULTRANOX™ 626 provides improved color and melting stability in thermoplastic olefin (TPO), thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) polymers in a variety of molding processes including injection molding, blow molding and roto-molding.

ULTRANOX™ 626 offers excellent protection for high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) in a variety of molding and extrusion processes.

ULTRANOX™626 is a highly efficient stabilizer in polycarbonate (PC) sheet extrusion, nylon PA molding, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and flame retardant-acrylonitrile butadiene styrene molding processes (FR-ABS).

ULTRANOX™ 626 Features & Benefits By Resin Type:

Polypropylene Resins

  • FDA approved under the condition of use A-H as listed in FCN 1988
  • Color stability and melt flow retention
  • Low interaction and low gas fading with peroxides
  • Excellent synergy with ALKANOX™ 240 phosphite antioxidant
  • Typical use level: ULTRANOX™ 626 at 0.08 - 0.12% + ANOX™ IC-14 at 0.04 - 0.06%
  • Proven results with reduced loading rate and lower overall cost

BOPP Resins

  • Less film breakage allows increased machine up-time and productivity
  • Faster line speeds enabling more cost-efficient operations
  • Crystal clear films for higher brand value
  • Excellent synergy with ANOX™ IC-14 stabilizer
  • Typical use level: ULTRANOX™ 626 at 0.04 – 0.08% + ANOX™ IC-14 at 0.02 - 0.04%
  • Proven results with reduced loading rate and lower overall cost

PET Resins

  • Excellent control of the PET molecular weight during severe processing
  • High activity color and MFI protection
  • Prevents PET discoloration during heat aging
  • ULTRANOX™ 627AV is used when PET contains Sb2O3 catalyst

Thermoforming Resins

  • Molecular weight control for high melt strength
  • Allowing high regrind usage without discoloration
  • Excellent color and melt flow retention
  • Typical use level: ULTRANOX™ 626 at 0.08 – 0.1% + ANOX™ IC-14 at 0.04 - 0.1%

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