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Viton™ Processing Aids

Fluoroelastomers, such as Viton™, are renowned for their exceptional chemical resistance, high-temperature stability, and resilience in harsh industrial environments. These elastomers find extensive use in applications such as O-rings, seals, gaskets, and various components within the automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, and oil and gas industries. Viton™ Processing Aids play a pivotal role in optimizing the manufacturing and processing of these high-performance materials.


Viton™ Processing Aids are a class of specialized additives formulated to enhance the processability and optimize the performance of fluoroelastomers throughout their intricate manufacturing applications and shaping phases. These aids provide numerous advantageous features.

The utilization of Viton™ Processing Aids notably improves the processability and cure efficiency of fluoroelastomers. These aids effectively reduce the melt viscosity of elastomers, enhancing their workability and facilitating smoother processing procedures. The augmented flowability of this substance facilitates a range of manufacturing procedures, such as extrusion, injection molding, and compression molding, enabling the production of intricate components and complex shapes with ease.
Enhanced Mixing and Dispersion

  These additives promote the homogeneous dispersion of fillers, curing agents, and other compounding constituents within the fluoroelastomer matrix. This phenomenon leads to a higher degree of homogeneity in the   mixture, decreasing the likelihood of agglomerates and consistent mechanical and chemical characteristics in the final products.

Viton™ Processing Aids have been observed to reduce molding defects, specifically voids, air entrapment, and surface imperfections. This results in fabricating superior, defect-free constituents, thereby obviating the need for remedial actions and decreasing manufacturing expenditures.
Accelerated Curing

  The utilization of aids facilitates the augmentation of curing efficiency in fluoroelastomers, a pivotal factor in attaining the intended physical and chemical characteristics. By expediting curing at reduced temperatures, energy consumption diminishes, rendering the manufacturing process more economically viable
Improved Operations Efficiency

  Cost savings are realized due to the various advantages of Viton™ Processing Aids. These advantages include facilitating processing, reducing defects, and accelerating curing processes. The decrease in energy consumption, material waste, and labor costs is indicative of heightened efficiency and cost-effectiveness within the production process.


  Viton™ Processing Aids exhibit a wide range of applicability and demonstrate compatibility with diverse fluoroelastomer formulations, enabling manufacturers to customize their implementation according to distinct processing prerequisites. The inherent adaptability of these processing aids creates a seamless integration into an array of applications and industries.
Reduced Downtime

  Through mitigating processing issues, manufacturers observe a decrease in periods of inactivity and an enhancement in operational efficiency. Enhancing the manufacturing process's reliability results in overall productivity improvement.
Quality Assurance

  The advantages of utilizing Viton™ Processing Aids manifest in producing fluoroelastomer elements with enhanced chemical resistance, temperature stability, and mechanical properties over an extended period. The improved durability extends the operational life span of the products, leading to a reduction in maintenance and replacement expenses. Quality assurance is enhanced through utilizing Viton™ Processing Aids, as they effectively minimize processing variations, improve quality control measures, and promote uniform quality. 
Using Viton™ Processing Aids when integrating fluoroelastomers is tactically advantageous for manufacturers aiming to optimize operational efficacy, reduce expenses, and elevate the caliber and efficacy of their merchandise. These auxiliary substances play a crucial role to the fulfillment of rigorous criteria required from fluoroelastomers in such as automotive, aerospace, chemical processing, and oil and gas.

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