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WESTON™ 705 for Sustainable Packaging

Ocean-bound plastic has offered a way to drive circularity within the health and wellness food packaging industry by using feedstock derived from post-consumer waste recovered in waterways. Flexible film manufacturers process this ocean-bound plastic into reusable feedstock for packaging approved for food-contact that can even ensure the same resistance against degradation compared to virgin resins.
With many countries facing supply chain issues and post-consumer plastic waste, the SI Group's WESTON™ 705 offers the next generation of nonylphenol-free liquid phosphite antioxidant solutions to contribute toward a circular value-chain collaboration. 
Approved for use in food-contact packaging in over 50 countries worldwide, including the United States, WESTON™ 705 has been intensely tested and vetted. This liquid phosphite antioxidant stabilizer allows producers to utilize ocean-bound polyethylene (PE) feedstock while increasing operational efficiency. A nonylphenol-free liquid phosphite antioxidant, WESTON™ 705 offers a simple drop-in replacement for TNPP while avoiding costly capital investments to provide a seamless transition process.



Food packaging and polymer resin manufacturers require nonylphenol-free antioxidants with exceptional performance and regulatory approvals. The SI Group's Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) complete profile is available and has been thoroughly tested for food packaging applications that require safety assessment data. With outstanding performance capabilities, WESTON™ 705 has extensive food-contact approval by both the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA).


The new generation of antioxidants, the SI Group's WESTON™ 705 additive, delivers a tenfold reduction in gel formation, threefold improvement of melt flow retention, and threefold reduction in gas fading for polymer applications that require food-contact approval. This new generation antioxidant helps food-contact packaging manufacturers see an additional tenfold decrease in plate-out during cooling, enhancing the film's overall sealability performance. Compared to traditional phosphite antioxidants on the market, WESTON™ 705 produces a more reactive structure that decomposes formed peroxide species during the polymerization process. Food packaging converters will see a dramatic reduction in blooming and gas fading while enhancing the product's aesthetic properties, such as improved color retention and film clarity. 


WESTON™ 705 nonylphenol-free additive allows for easier handling and incorporation through a simple drop-in liquid solution that potentially can avoid expensive capital investments for manufacturers transitioning away from TNPP solutions. With increased productivity with the drop-in liquid solutions, WESTON™ 705 requires less downtime for maintenance-related problems like gel formation, die accumulation, and plate-out. 





Resin and reusable packaging manufacturers are expected to satisfy growing trends in consumers' health and wellness expectations, such as embracing transparency for materials utilized within their food packages. WESTON™ 705 provides outstanding polymer protection from thermal degradation, ensuring that every molecule of WESTON™ 705 safeguards the recycled polyethylene resin.

Increased Productivity
Less Downtime     
Alternative Antioxidant

20% Higher Phosphorus Content
Process Stabilization

Strong Reduction In Plate-out  
Tenfold Reduction in Plate-out
  Improved Product Properties
Reduced Blooming

Drop-in Liquid Solution
Handles and Deeds like TNPP 

Broad Global Food-Contact Approval
FDA and EFSA Approved

Security of Supply
Tripled Capacity to Meet Demand


The SI Group's WESTON™ 705 provides exceptional all-around performance compared to benchmark phosphite antioxidant alternatives. Certified circular polymer companies utilizing polyethylene for food-contact packaging will still be able to meet global market demands, consumer safety, and broad food-contact approval while quickly replacing TNPP with a far superior solution. 


WESTON™ 705 nonylphenol-free stabilizer offers several properties that make it a worthwhile candidate in the formulation of recycled polyethylene for food-contact applications. Contact us to speak with our dedicated technical experts about how WESTON™ 705 could be used in your packaging formulation.

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