Glypure Sample Formulations

Hair Care (3)

Glypure™ ability to penetrate the hair shaft and directly impact the stability of keratin makes it an innovating ingredient for hair care. Glypure™ delivers important benefits to both healthy and treated hair, making it more manageable, easier to style and significantly less prone to breakage. ChemPoint personal care team can work with you to achieve the desired formulations for your creations in the hair care market.

Glypure™ conditioner

Helps make hair feel softer and smoother. Glypure™ in a hair conditioning formulation causes a significant decrease in elastic modulus, which is consistent with the effect of moisture on hair.

Glypure™ conditioning treatment

Makes hair more manageable, easier to style. Glypure™ provides hair with superior lubricity, which results in less friction and entanglement during combing and brushing, making hair less prone to breakage.

Glypure™ shampoo and scalp treatment

Glypure™ penetrates the hair shaft, helps hair better withstand heat, softens hair and provides superior lubrication. Moisturizes and exfoliates the scalp, resulting in less flaking to give the scalp a healthy look and feel.