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Sep 16, 2003 Expands Partnership with Dow for Glutaraldehyde-Based Biocides as the Exclusive e-Distributor for North America

BELLEVUE, Washington, September 16, 2003 -- announced today that it has been appointed as the exclusive e-distributor of The Dow Chemical Company’s glutaraldehyde-based biocide products for North America.
ChemPoint, a leading e-distributor of specialty and fine chemicals, is now the primary sales and supply chain channel for small and medium sized customers of glutaraldehyde products. This includes both industrial uses as well as EPA registered uses under the tradenames of UCARCIDE™, UCONEX™ and UCARSAN™. ChemPoint also represents Dow Biocides’ Dowicide product line, which consists of DOWICIDE* 1, 1E, A, OBCP, OBCP/IPA.
“We have been extremely impressed with the results that ChemPoint has generated for us working with the glutaraldehyde lines,” said Jerry Konst, Marketing Manager for North America. “In addition to delivering growth from this customer base, ChemPoint captures specific application data in their CRM and a technically trained staff insures that an EPA registered Dow biocide is used appropriately.” The collaborative approach of ChemPoint’s business model provides an opportunity to exercise greater command and control across all customer and market segments, added Konst. “Their willingness and ability to execute in synergy with Dow’s objectives is unmatched in our traditional distribution channels, thus making the decision to move additional customer base from the glutaraldehyde lines to them an easy one.”
" is pleased that our performance on these product lines has so quickly demonstrated to Dow the unique values delivered by our business model” said Chad Steigers, Managing Director of "Dow Biocides is a dominant player in the global biocide industry, and we are honored they have chosen to expand our relationship. This partnership provides our North American customers access to an expanded portfolio of antimicrobial solutions via"

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