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Jul 1, 2004

BASF Appoints as Exclusive Distributor for Acrylic Monomers

BELLEVUE, Washington, July 1, 2004 -- BASF has named as its exclusive distributor for acrylic monomers for less-than-truckload quantities serving customers in the United States, effective July 1, 2004.

"Acrylic monomers are the building blocks for many widely used and specialty products,” said Robert Sawchuk, Marketing Manager for BASF’s Acrylic Monomers business in North America. “ChemPoint is the ideal partner for our acrylic monomers business. Its unique business model is well suited to serve the demanding needs of specialty customers.”
BASF is the world's largest manufacturer of glacial acrylic acid and acrylates that comprise the acrylic monomers line. These products are part of BASF’s Performance Products business segment that recently announced the selection of ChemPoint to distribute superabsorbent polymers in North America.
“We are pleased to extend our partnership with BASF,” said Chad Steigers, ChemPoint’s Managing Director. “BASF’s commitment to quality and environmental, health and safety stewardship will continue to be of value to small- and medium-volume customers for these monomers.”

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