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Feb 10, 2004

Rohm and Haas Names as Exclusive Kathon CG/ICP Distribution Channel

BELLEVUE, Washington, February 10, 2004 -- Rohm and Haas has named as their exclusive KATHON® CG/ICP preservative distributor. ChemPoint will now provide marketing, sales, and logistics for small and medium volume customers in the US. This change in distribution channels, from Lonza Inc. to ChemPoint, has an effective date of February 1, 2004.
ChemPoint began working with Rohm and Haas’s Consumer and Industrial Specialties (CIS) group in November of 2000 with the Nytek® and Vinyzene™ biocide lines. Over the last 3 years, the distribution relationship has grown to include Kathon® CG, Neolone™, Kathon® CL and Kathon® EDC preservatives as well as the personal care polymers Aculyn™, Acudyne™, and SunSpheres™.
“ChemPoint provides us the ability to fully leverage our internal resources. This enables us to increase our focus on strategic opportunities, while maintaining optimum service levels for our smaller volume customers,” says Lynn Oakes, CIS Consumer Biocides Marketing Manager for North America. “We continue to be impressed with ChemPoint’s representation of our product lines, and the growth they have delivered,” states Oakes. “ChemPoint’s technically capable sales team ensures our biocides are used within the guidelines of the registration requirements for all opportunities they handle on our behalf.”
KATHON® CG/ICP and KATHON® CG/ICP II are broad spectrum microbicides used for the preservation of a wide variety of Household and Industrial products. These preservatives exhibit broad antibacterial protection at very low use levels and offer excellent compatibility with surfactants and emulsifiers over a wide pH range. Common uses include preservation of liquid laundry and hand dishwashing detergents, fabric softeners, air fresheners, floor waxes, polishes and more.
“We are proud Rohm and Haas, an industry leader in biocides, has chosen to extend our relationship.” says Steve Block, Director of Marketing and Sales for ChemPoint. "We look forward to the additional opportunity to showcase our customer service and responsiveness, and are pleased to provide our high quality, cost effective technical assistance to customers in the Household, Industrial, and Institutional (HI&I) markets for Rohm and Haas."

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