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Aug 31, 2004

Uniqema Chooses as Forestall Odor Neutralizer's Exclusive Channel to Market

BELLEVUE, Washington, August 31, 2004 -- Uniqema names as their sole channel to market for Forestall™, an odor neutralizing surfactant. ChemPoint will provide marketing, sales, customer service and logistics for all US and Canadian customers.

"Utilizing ChemPoint will enable Uniqema to focus our resources on the continued development of next generation odor neutralizer products and formulations," states Shirish Sawale, Product Manager for Uniqema.
"We value ChemPoint's technical marketing approach as well as their proactive, diligent customer care," adds Dan Howe, Channel and Distribution Director for Uniqema. "They will provide our customers superior service with a wider reach to the market place."
Forestall is a soyethyl morpholinium ethosulfate surfactant proven to neutralize a wide range of malodors. This unique cationic surfactant works by complexing specific organic molecules, particularly mercaptan and sulfur based odors, and reducing their concentration in the vapor phase. Forestall is used in a wide variety of consumer, institutional and industrial odor neutralization products such as kitchen and bathroom surface deodorizers, home, car and institutional air fresheners, and effluent odor control products.
"Forestall has distinct advantages for odor neutralizing applications," says Steve Block, ChemPoint's Director of Marketing and Sales. "Our product team is eager to leverage its strengths and hone the value proposition for this rapidly growing market segment."

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