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Mar 21, 2005

Dow Selects as Distributor for POLYOX Water-Soluble Resins

BELLEVUE, Washington & MIDLAND, Michigan, March 21, 2005 -- As part of its marketing partnership with, The Dow Chemical Company has named ChemPoint as their distributor for POLYOX™ Water-Soluble Resin. Under the terms of the agreement ChemPoint is providing marketing, sales, customer service and order fulfillment for US customers requiring smaller volumes of material.

Dow chose to work with ChemPoint so they could quickly implement an enhanced product development strategy as the company better identifies and understands the growth drivers that affect their existing customer base. ChemPoint’s unique marketing and sales model allows for consistent and cost effective customer contact with accounts over a large, geographically-diverse customer base.
“Dow has turned to ChemPoint to help us better serve our smaller volume customers,” said Ray Gonzales, marketing manager for Industrial Specialties at Dow. “Our partnership is an important step toward achieving our growth goals and better connecting with customers in a tier that is currently underserved.”
Versatile POLYOX resins deliver outstanding binding, thickening, lubricity, water retention, and film formation performance for pharmaceuticals, personal care and cleaning products, mining, building materials, paper, and many more specialty applications. POLYOX resins are nonionic, high molecular weight water-soluble poly(ethylene oxide) polymers. With very high molecular weights, POLYOX resins are viscoelastic, allowing their aqueous solutions to reduce spattering and misting potential.

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