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May 4, 2006

Dow Continues to Expand Relationship with Selected as Distributor for Versene

BELLEVUE, Washington & MIDLAND, Ohio, May 4, 2006 -- The Dow Chemical Company today announced that has been chosen as the exclusive distributor for VERSENE™ CA chelating agents in the United States. Effective May 1, 2006, VERSENE CA joins UCON™ fluids and lubricants and TERGITOL™ X-Series Nonionic Surfactants as product lines within the Specialty Chemicals business group represented by ChemPoint. Dow's expanding relationship with ChemPoint encompasses several additional specialty products lines and brands including: CELLOSIZE™ hydroxyethyl cellulose, POLYOX™ water-soluble resins, and DOWICIDE™ and DOWICIL™ antimicrobials.
The VERSENE business team selected ChemPoint based on their proven ability to deliver targeted growth in key applications within the food and beverage industry. “The food and beverage industry continues to take advantage of the many unique and important benefits of VERSENE CA in its products,” explained Kevin Lewis, Americas Marketing Manager for VERSENE chelating agents, The Dow Chemical Company. “We recognize that this industry will be well served by ChemPoint. ChemPoint’s commitment to customer service and market focus will help Dow continue to service its valued customers while expanding its presence in the food and beverage market.”
VERSENE CA calcium disodium EDTA is well suited for applications calling for the neutral to slightly acidic pH conditions commonly found in most food products. The principal function of VERSENE CA is to chemically bind and render inactive trace metal ions (such as iron and copper) that have an adverse impact on color, flavor, clarity, shelf life, vitamin content and other important characteristics of foods and beverages. Cleared in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration as a food additive in several key applications, typical levels of VERSENE CA used in food and beverage products add no noticeable odor, color or taste. VERSENE CA is Kosher certified and is considered pareve for Passover use.
"Our team at ChemPoint is honored that Dow has once again selected us as their preferred distribution partner for another premier chemistry within their Specialty Chemicals business group," indicates Chad Steigers, Managing Director. "Our differentiated marketing model will quickly and effectively expose a wider audience of technical specifiers in the food and beverage industry to the unique value proposition of VERSENE CA. We are confident that we will deliver on Dow's ambitious growth objectives for this product."
Beginning today, current VERSENE CA customers can contact ChemPoint to place orders by calling 800.485.9569, faxing 425.378.8675, or ordering online at Formulators who would like to evaluate VERSENE CA in a specific application or formulation can obtain technical assistance by calling 800.485.9569 or e-mailing [email protected].

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