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Feb 26, 2007

Chevron Phillips Chemical Names as Global Reference Fuels Distributor

BELLEVUE, Washington & THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP’s (Chevron Phillips Chemical) Specialty Chemicals group has named as a global source for marketing, technical sales, customer service, and fulfillment for selected products in its reference fuels product line to 60 countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. ChemPoint currently serves as a North American distributor of Chevron Phillips Chemical’s reference fuels.
“We are interested in expanding our outreach capabilities to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East,” said Marc Nagele, Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Worldwide Sales Manager for Specialty Chemicals. “Through our experience working with ChemPoint’s North American operations, we are confident they can help us extend our global reach in the reference fuels market.”
Chevron Phillips Chemical produces a broad range of reference fuels that are used to validate a fuel’s performance characteristics. Applications include, but are not limited to, establishing octane or cetane requirements, the ability to resist vapor lock, the impact of fuel quality on emissions or drivability, and the durability of fuel system components in oxy-fuel environments. Reference fuels now available through ChemPoint include those used to test gasoline, diesel, jet, and aviation fuels.
“We’re delighted that Chevron Phillips Chemical has chosen to extend our partnership on reference fuels,” said Chad Steigers, President of ChemPoint. “Our proven business model will help deliver the unique values of this premier product line, with the superior technical support and service expertise to the large, fragmented, and geographically-diverse global customer base.”

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