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Jul 25, 2012 Leverages Clarity Connect to Provide Enhanced Unified Communication Functionality

By adding a rich array of functionality, including IVR, ACD, call recording, reporting and dashboards to the communication platform of Microsoft Lync, Clarity Connect allows companies to significantly streamline their operations in comparison with legacy system.
“Clarity Connect’s ability to natively integrate with Lync’s voice and instant messaging modalities was one of the key reasons we selected their product. Their approach allows us to innovate and customize our technology in a way that traditional solutions could not offer,” said Ali Amin-Javaheri, Director of Technology at ChemPoint.
One of the unique ways in which ChemPoint is implementing Clarity Connect is through the use of Computer Telephone Integration (CTI). By integrating ChemPoint’s custom CRM application with Clarity Connect, the company has enabled all of their employees to dynamically receive key customer information.
“The ability of our team to have relevant customer information automatically and immediately presented allows us to be more focused, effective and personal than our competitors,” continued Amin-Javaheri.
Clarity Connect was the first contact center application to use the Microsoft Unified Communication platform natively with its first release in 2009. The product has since been upgraded to work on Lync Server 2010 with added features, such as the opportunity for medium-to-large size environments to centrally manage their diverse, global locations. The newest version of Connect 2.4, released earlier this month, allows even more self-management capabilities. For example, Quick IVR allows administrators to easily and quickly create additional contact centers, add or remove agents, skills and queues.
“We made a significant investment in the newest version of Clarity Connect. Quick IVR and the other improved functionality give our clients an enhanced ability to self-manage their environments right out of the box,” said Jon Rauschenberger, CTO of Clarity Consulting.
“As more companies realize the benefits of a holistic unified communications platform in Lync, we’re able to add the additional functionality needed for a successful, efficient and productive contact center.”
Learn more about Clarity Connect on the product website.
Read the press release on the Clarity Connect 2.4 Version Announcement.
About Clarity Consulting Inc.
Clarity Consulting Inc. has a 18-year history of developing, customizing and implementing software solutions to help clients achieve their unique visions and drive business results. Clarity’s versatile and talented consultants specialize in application development, business intelligence, legacy integration and e-commerce websites for a range of clients, from retail and manufacturing industries to financial institutions. Clarity Consulting Inc. is based in Chicago, Illinois.
About ChemPoint
As the leading “e-distributor” of specialty and fine chemicals in North America, EMEA, and APAC, ChemPoint engages in exclusive product line relationships with premier manufacturers. From its North American, European, and Asia-Pacific interaction centers, ChemPoint ( provides its suppliers with marketing, sales, customer service and order fulfillment solutions for their targeted customer segments. ChemPoint is a Univar company. With a network of more than 300 distribution facilities, Univar ( is a world leader in chemical distribution.

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