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Jul 26, 2012

Malcera, LLC Selects to Market Paraffin Wax and Asphaltene Modifiers in the U.S.

Bellevue, Washington – July 26, 2012 – Malcera, LLC (Malcera) has selected (ChemPoint), the leading e-distributor of fine and specialty chemicals, as the exclusive partner to market their patented Paraffin Wax and Asphaltene Modifiers/Inhibitors.  The products are used in a number of markets, including oil and gas production, processing, tank-cleaning, transportation, pipelines, and refining.  Effective July 26, 2012, ChemPoint will provide marketing, sales, technical support, and order fulfillment services for customers in the United States.
“Malcera is very excited about our partnership with ChemPoint.  We are confident that ChemPoint’s unique combination of industry knowledge, and technical and logistical expertise will consistently provide our customers with the highest level of service that Malcera requires,” said Larry Simpson, Director of Business Development for Malcera.  “ChemPoint has the market insight, technical, and service solutions to meet our customers’ exacting needs and deliver value.”   
Malcera’s Paraffin Wax and Asphaltene Modifiers/Inhibitors combine the ability to stabilize solids in oils; dissolve precipitated solids back into oil streams; and efficiently separate oil, water, and solids.  This allows for the reclamation of useful oil products from clean waste water and solids, realizing the full value from the oil components.  Their patented products are designed to disperse paraffin wax in crude oil and crude oil sludge, substantially lowering the basic sediment and water percentage (B.S.%W) of crude oil; the paraffin becomes dissolved or dispersed in crude oil and maintains this state.
“The combination of Malcera’s product technology and ChemPoint’s market reach will bring tremendous benefit to customers looking to disperse paraffin without using low flash point solvents,” said Marty Alexis, Business Director at ChemPoint.  “We are excited to work with Malcera and their unique product line, and look forward to expanding our relationship in the future.”
Effective July 26, 2012, ChemPoint will begin proactively contacting customers to further discuss the product portfolio and services provided by Malcera.  To purchase material, request samples, and receive immediate technical support, customers can contact ChemPoint via telephone: 800-485-9569, fax: 425-378-8675, e-mail: [email protected], or online:
About Malcera, LLC
Malcera LLC brings innovative chemical technology solutions to the oilfield fluid separation challenges, specializing in the separation of unwanted emulsions which contain paraffinic or asphaltinic crude oil.   Malcera’s chemical technology can replace costly mechanical separation methods and recover all of the crude oil, as well as completely separate the water and inorganic components from the hydrocarbon stream.  Malcera’s technology has been proven successful in crude, water, and inorganic material separation, in oilfield production, transportation, storage, and refining.
About ChemPoint
As the leading “e-distributor” of specialty and fine chemicals in North America, EMEA, and APAC, ChemPoint engages in exclusive product line relationships with premier manufacturers.  From its North American, European, and Asia-Pacific interaction centers, ChemPoint ( provides its suppliers with marketing, sales, customer service and order fulfillment solutions for their targeted customer segments. ChemPoint is a Univar company. With a network of more than 260 distribution facilities, Univar ( is a world leader in chemical distribution.

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