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Apr 24, 2013 Expands Relationship with PennAKem

BELLEVUE, WA, April 24, 2013 — (ChemPoint), the leading technology-enabled distributor of specialty and fine chemicals, today announced that it has expanded its partnership with PennAKem LLC, the global preeminent supplier of furfural and furan derivatives. Effective immediately, ChemPoint will represent the Eco Methyl Tetrahydrofuran (EcoMeTHF®) product line in North America, providing customers with marketing, sales, order fulfillment, and technical support.  Other PennAKem products distributed by ChemPoint include specialty furans and the QuaCorr® line of furfuryl alcohol based resins.
PennAKem offers an extensive portfolio of furfural and furan based chemistries, based on bio-renewable sources that would otherwise go to waste.  PennAKem’s EcoMeTHF® is used in the industrial chemical, pharmaceutical, and lithium battery markets, among others, and recognized for its unique stability, solvency and solubility.
“PennAKem is excited about working with ChemPoint for the supply of EcoMeTHF® in North America and this expanded agreement is a natural extension of a successful relationship; ChemPoint's extensive market knowledge, technical expertise, and flexible service model will help PennAKem continue providing our customers with the highest standard of service and support," said Steve Prescott, Sales Manager, PennAKem.   "We are excited about the increased focus they will provide to EcoMeTHF® across a broad spectrum of applications."
“This growth in our partnership is a testament to the success of ChemPoint’s unique business model, and allows us to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers,” commented Rick Hoener, ChemPoint Business Director.  “Extending our partnership with PennAKem presents a great opportunity to both ChemPoint and our valued customers; we look forward to the continued evolution of our relationship.” 
Effective immediately, ChemPoint will begin to proactively contact customers to make them aware of the product portfolio and services provided by PennAKem. To purchase material, customers can contact ChemPoint via telephone at 800-485-9569, fax at 425-378-8675, e-mail at [email protected], or online through Prospective customers can receive immediate technical support and request samples by calling 800-485-9569, or by e-mailing [email protected].

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