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Mar 3, 2021

Winter Storm Uri Update

We are carefully monitoring the domestic impact of Winter Storm Uri that is causing global supply chain challenges.  Our goal is to continue to maintain a high level of service to you during this volatile situation.
We are working closely with our Producer partners to understand the impact to our supply chain.  Where we have identified concerns, we have proactively adjusted our lead-times allowing us to order product sooner, and have also increased our safety stock thresholds.  As this is an evolving situation, we cannot predict any potential consequences it may have regarding delivery delays or product shortages. We will try our level best to mitigate any disruption to supply.
  • Product Availability: some products are on Force Majeure, allocation, or being delayed.  This will continue until Petrochemical and Refining capacity is fully operational in the gulf region.  
  • Domestic Transportation: minimal disruptions following Winter Strom Uri.  We expect Industry-wide Freight Surcharges until refining in the gulf is fully operational.  
  • International Shipping: there has been little disruption at ports or with securing ocean shipments, with the exception of the gulf ports. Expect Industry-wide Freight Surcharges. 
  • Domestic Warehouse Network: no outages or issues to report.  
We will continue to provide you with timely  supply chain updates that may affect your service.  We also encourage you to contact your Sales Representative or Customer Solutions Representative at any time if you have a question.  ChemPoint remains at your disposal, and we are here to help. 

Hi, let us know if you have any questions as you visit our website.

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