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Mar 23, 2022


ChemPoint and Cargill, Inc. are pleased to announce an agreement to partner on the distribution, marketing, and sales of the natural derived, plant-based rapeseed oil methyl ester Agri-Pure™ AP-406, in EMEA. The objective from the partnership is to improve the overall experience of Cargill’s Agri-Pure™customers.

Cargill, Inc. will continue to develop and deliver innovative solutions and technical expertise to the Biosolvents market while ChemPoint will provide the expertise and high service level in online marketing, supply chain, logistics and sales to deliver Cargill Biosolvents products faster and efficiently.



Cargill has been developing Bioindustrial products since 1950 and provides base chemistries, specialized products, and fully customized solutions for customer needs across a broad spectrum of applications and industries such adhesives and binders, asphalt solutions, candle making, chemical industry, construction, dielectric fluids, drilling, fermentation industry, foams and flooring, home care, lubricants, paints, coating and inks, paper and packaging, plasticisers and soaps and surfactants. For more information, please visit


ABOUT CHEMPOINT, Inc., wholly owned subsidiary of Univar Inc., is a unique distribution business that provides marketing and sales services for specialty and fine chemicals in North America EMEA and LATAM. The company engages in exclusive product line relationships with premier manufacturers, providing tailored solutions to more than 90 supplier partners and over 200 product lines globally. For more information, please visit


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