Anox® Binary Blend Antioxidants

Anox® Binary Blend Antioxidants

Key Applications

polyolefin, polycarbonate, ABS, polyesters

Product Description

Anox® Binary Blend Antioxidants is a family of binary synergistic blends that protect polymers during processing and long- term aging.


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Anox® BB011 Anox® BB011 stabilizer is a synergistic binary blend of Anox® 20 and Alkanox® 240 used to protect thermoplastic polyolefins, polycarbontes, ABS, and polyesters during processing and from long-term aging. It is available in granular or powder form. SDS* TDS*
Anox® BB011 Powder SDS* TDS
Anox® BB021 SDS* TDS*