Polybond® Polyethylene-Based Coupling Agents

Polybond® Polyethylene-Based Coupling Agents

Key Applications

polyolefin, nylon, EVOH, HFFR wire and cable compounds, ink adhesion, metal adhesion, SAN, PC

Product Description

Polybond® Polyethylene-Based Coupling Agents are coupling agents, compatibilizers and adhesion promoters for glass, mica, talc, wood, and natural fiber reinforced polypropylene giving enhanced physical and thermal properties.

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namekey propertiesdocumentation
Polybond® 1009 Polybond® 1009 can be applied as a coupling agent for glass or mica filled polyethlyene and provide good adhesion to aluminum, stainless steel, tin-plated steel, and a variety of other substances. SDS* TDS
Polybond® 3009 Polybond® 3009 is a coupling agent for filled PP systems that provides improved physical properties including strength and impact resistance. It provides good adhesion in film and sheet applications. SDS* TDS
Polybond® 3029 Polybond® 3029 provides improved tensile, flexural, and impact strength, as well as lower water absorption compared to general purpose coupling agents. It is ideal in wood and natural fiber-filled polyethylene compsites. SDS* TDS
Polybond® 3039 Polybond® 3039 promotes good dispersion in wood-plastic formulations where powdered ingredients are pre-blended before mixing and extrusion. It is ideal for use in wood and natural fiber-filled polyethylene composites.  SDS* TDS
Polybond® 3109 SDS* TDS*
Polybond® 3149 Polybond® 3149 can be applied as a coupling agent for glass fiber, cellulose fiber, or mineral-fillled reinforced polyethylene. It is ideal for wire and cable applications.  SDS* TDS*
Polybond® 3349 Polybond® 3349 can be applied as a coupling agent for glass-filled polyethylene composites with high mineral filler levels. It gives enhanced hydrolytic stabiility and strength to compatibalized polyethylene/polyamide blends. It also functions as a process aid for halogen-free wire and cable compounds by providing improved dispersion and mechanical properties.  SDS* TDS*