Axle & Manual Transmission Fluid Additives
Afton Chemical

Axle & Manual Transmission Fluid Additives

Key Applications

Axle Fluid, Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF)

Product Description

Afton Chemical's axle & manual transmission fluid (MTF) additives are designed to protect gears and bearings from mechanical and chemical damage.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
HiTEC® 2584 High performance turbine oil additive package. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 3080 Multi-vehicle manual transmission fluid additive for European/Asian vehicles outside warranty. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 312 Sulfur containing extreme pressure additive. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 3301 Shear stable viscosity modifier for use in formulating automotive gear oils. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 33110 Olefin copolymer viscosity index improver designed for gear oil formulating, can be used to replace high viscosity synthetic base oil. SDS TDS*
HiTEC® 3315 High sulfur percentage extreme pressure (EP) additive for formulating lubricants that require high load carrying capabilities. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 3337 Gear oil additive for formulating automotive and commercial axle fluids. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 3339 Premium multi-functional gear additive package for use in industrial & automotive fluid formulating. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 335 Multi-functional gear oil additive booster package for use in combination with HiTEC 350. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 340 Economic-tier automotive gear oil additive package for axles and transmissions. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 343 Multi-functional gear oil additive package with ZF and MAN approvals. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 355 Extended-drain heavy duty gear axle additive for formulating with mineral base oils. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 356 Gear oil additive booster package, to be used in combination with HiTEC® 385. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 363 Extended-drain heavy duty manual transmission additive for use in mineral base oils. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 369 Automotive gear oil additive for use in light-duty and heavy-duty axles. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 381 Automotive gear oil additive package for standard tier axle and transmission fluids. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 385 Premium performance gear oil additive for use in automotive and industrial gear oils & greases. SDS TDS
HiTEC® 388 Premium automotive gear oil additive for Light & heavy duty axles. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 397 Top-treat additive package for gear oils used in modern limited slip axles. SDS* TDS
HiTEC® 398 Premium gear oil additive for GL-5 and limited slip automotive lubricant formulation. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 5158 Demulsifier additive for industrial fluid formulating. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 5738 Dispersant polymethacrylate Viscosity Index Improver (VII) for use in ATF, MTF and CVT fluid formulating. SDS* TDS*
HiTEC® 5760 Olefin copolymer (OCP) Viscosity Index Improver designed for use in automotive & industrial gear oils. SDS* TDS