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HiTEC® 4133G

Multifunctional diesel additive containing greenclean detergent technology for modern diesel fuels and typical biodiesel blends.


396.83lb Drum



Product Overview

Multifunctional diesel fuel additive engineered for complete deposit clean up on injectors. Afton's Greenclean Detergent Technology improves engine performance and combustion efficiency leading to improved overall fuel economy.

End Markets: Automotive; Heavy Industry


HiTEC® 4133G has multiple treat rates available depending on desired fluid performance:

Optimal Keep Clean
Economic Real World Keep Clean/Cleanup
Supreme Real World Clean up
Related Applications: Aftermarket Diesel Performance Additives

Features & Benefits

Cleans injector deposits, both traditional “coking” deposits, and sticky
internal injector deposits
Provides DW-10 detergency
Helps reduce fuel system corrosion
Helps improve fuel lubricity

Product Specifications

Appearance: Dark amber liquid
Density @ 15°C, lbs/gal: 7.48
Viscosity @ 40°C, mm2/s: 4.0
Flash Point, °C (PMCC): 45 min.
Pour Point, °C: < -85
Functions: Corrosion Inhibitor; Detergent; Lubricity Improver; Lubricity Improver; Multifunction Additive Package

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