HiTEC® 4133G

Multi-functional Diesel Additive Containing Greenclean® Detergent Technology for Modern Diesel Fuels and Typical Biodiesel Blends.
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Product Overview
HiTEC® 4133G is a highly engineered, multi-functional diesel fuel additive engineered for complete deposit clean up on injectors. Afton's Greenclean® Detergent Technology improves total engine performance and combustion efficiency leading to improved overall fuel economy. HiTEC® 4133G targets and removes sticky and coked up deposits that can cause poor engine performance and reduce the costs associated with frequent maintenance.
Product Specifications
Appearance: Dark amber liquid
Density @ 15°C, lbs/gal: 7.48
Viscosity @ 40°C, mm2/s: 4.0
Flash Point, °C (PMCC): 45 min.
Pour Point, °C: < -85
Max Handling Temp: 40°C
Shelf Life:
48 months at ambient temperature
Features & Benefits
Cleans injector deposits, both traditional “coking” deposits, and sticky
internal injector deposits
Provides DW-10 detergency
Helps reduce fuel system corrosion
Helps improve fuel lubricity
Qualifies for USA EPA CFR 80.591A Certification (<15 ppm (mg/L) sulfur)
Problems Solved
Sticky & Plugged Injector Deposits
Carbon Build Up & Dirty Engine
Poor Fuel Lubricity
HiTEC® 4133G has multiple treat rates available depending on desired fluid performance.
The recommended starting treat rates are listed below by performance:

Optimal Keep Clean - (1:3750 gal (267ppmv))
Economic Real World Keep Clean/Cleanup - (1:2500 gal (400 ppmv))
Supreme Real World Clean Up - (1:1250 gal (800 ppmv))