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OligoSMART Resistant Dextrin

Key Applications

Food; Beverage; Nutraceutical

Product Description

OligoSMART® RD resistant dextrin is a family of soluble fiber ingredients derived from corn and tapioca, providing many functional benefits to foods, beverages, and nutraceutical products. Resistant dextrins are oligosaccharides with sweetener, fiber, and bulking properties. Growing research has demonstrated that resistant dextrins offer prebiotic benefits to gut microbiota and may impact the production of short-chain fatty acids, such as butyrate. In addition, research suggests that resistant dextrin dietary fiber may support blood glucose and insulin management in those with type 2 diabetes. OligoSMART® RD resistant dextrin soluble corn fiber from Anderson Advanced Ingredients is available in 90% fiber content and powdered form. This grade is non-GMO and can be used in many different products due to its water-soluble and low-viscosity properties.

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