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BASF metal finishing additives line comprises a range of chemistries, including 2-butyne-1,4-diol ethoxylate and ethoxylated fatty alcohols, typically used in metal surface preparation, plating, post-treatment, or finishing, and offer improved brightening, emulsification, antifoaming, corrosion, inhibition, chelation, oxidization for metal removal, and passivation benefits. The line includes Golpanol (brighteners) and Lugalvan (electroplating additives). Common applications are as brighteners in nickel, tin, zinc, and copper plating; pickling of stainless steel; anodizing aluminum; dip applications of coil coating; and photo-resist stripping.
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Degressal® SD 20 container
Degressal® SD-20 is a silicone-free foam suppressor for detergents and cleaners and are also particularly suitable for applications in which silicone is undesirable.
Lugalvan® DC container
Lugalvan® DC is an aqueous emulsion of an ethylene copolymer that is commonly applied to metal surfaces to improve resistance to corrosion and to improve aesthetic appearance.
Golpanol® HD container
Golpanol® HD is used as a top brightener in bright and semi-bright nickel electroplating baths at a concentration of 100 – 300 mg/l.
Golpanol® MBS container
Golpanol® MBS is a stripping agent for plated metal.
Lugalvan® P container
Lugalvan® P is an additive that is very soluble in saline media. The product is impervious to water hardness and protects metals against corrosion in acidic, neutral and alkaline media.
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By using BASF’s Metal Surface Treatment additives, it’s much easier to prepare and navigate the industry successfully, and create a product that is custom tailored to your project. ChemPoint carries a diverse catalog of top & basic brighteners, flux additives and chelating agents that are designed to help pinpoint desired product finish and performance in multiple applications.