Sokalan® DCS

Sokalan® DCS is a mixture of aliphatic dicarboxylic acids with a mixture of adipic, glutaric, and succinic acid. It is highly effective descalant for acid cleaners and detergents.
Product Overview
Sokalan® DCS is mainly employed in acid cleaners as a descalant or added to light duty detergents as a pH adjuster. It can also be added to automatic dish detergents to act as an effective rinse aid.

Sokalan® DCS provides excellent descaling properties when used in acid cleaners, such as toilet bowl cleaners, metal surface cleaners, and industrial acid detergents.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Flakes
Concentration: 100%
pH: 2
Acid number: 850 mg KOH/g
Primary Chemistry: Carboxylic acid
Features & Benefits
Stable in acidic solutions
Excellent descaling additive
Effective rinse aid for dishwashers and bottle washing systems
Less corrosive than many other acid blends
Booster for industrial acid cleaners
Problems Solved
Scale formation and precipitation of hard water salts
Stability of acrylic dispersing agents in acidic cleaners and solutions
Spots and insufficient rinse in dishwashing applications
Adherence of solids and cleaning residuals to surfaces and substrates
Corrosivity of commercially available acid blends
pH adjuster for cleaners and detergents
Descalant additive for acid cleaners
Automatic dishwashing detergents
Dishwashing and bottle washers rinsing aid
Descaling and dispersion booster for industrial cleaners