Sokalan® HP 25

Sokalan® HP 25 is an aqueous solution of a modified polycarboxylate that can be used as a polymeric additive in liquid detergents.
Product Overview
Sokalan® HP 25 can be used as a polymeric detergent additive used to boost soil-dispersing capacity in detergents and to inhibit calcium incrustation on fabrics.

Sokalan® HP 25 is compatible with almost all surfactant packages and helps improve the stability of enzymes which can prolong the effectiveness of detergents by several months.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Liquid
pH (10% active): 7.5
Molar mass: 3,000 g/mol
Viscosity: 30,000 cP
K value: 16
Calcium carbonate dispersing capacity: 70 mg CaCO3 per g
Primary Chemistry: Polycarboxylate
Features & Benefits
Highly compatibility with surfactants and other cleaning ingredients
Excellent compatibility with enzymes
Extends effective lifespan of detergents
Inhibits calcium and scale deposits
Booster for the soil-dispersing capacity of detergents
Easy to mix into liquid formulations, even at high concentrations

Problems Solved
Precipitation of calcium soaps and scale formation in hard water mediums
Incrustation of calcium carbonates and hard water salts in laundry applications
Insufficient efficacy for enzyme-based detergents and compatibility of detergency boosters
Liquid cleaning solutions and detergents
Fabric detergent additive and booster
Auto-dish and dishwashing detergents
Enzyme based laundry cleaners and detergents