Sokalan® PA 110S

Sokalan® PA 110S is a modified, high molecular weight polyacrylic acid. It is supplied in the acid form with a concentration of 35%.
Product Overview
Sokalan® PA 110S is an excellent sequestering agent for calcium and magnesium in laundry and autodish applications.

Sokalan® PA 110S is also used as a detergent booster to improve the cleaning performance of liquid detergents against oily soils and scale deposit.
PA 110S offers flocculation when used
in water treatment chemicals and water clarification blends.
Product Specifications
Physical form: Liquid
pH (10% active): 2
Molar mass: 250,000 g/mol
Viscosity: 5,000 cP
K value: 110
Primary Chemistry: Polyacrylic acid
Features & Benefits
Stable and effective in chlorine formulations
Booster for improved cleaning against oily contaminates
Flocculating agent for water treatment applications
Dispersing agent for inorganic solids
Antiscalant additive for liquid detergents and water treatment formulations
Problems Solved
Preparation of calcium and magnesium salts or ineffective sequestering in laundry and auto dish applications
Low performance of liquid detergents against oily soils and scale deposit
Laundry detergent and cleaners
Industrial cleaning solutions
Dishwashing and bottle washer detergents
High pressure washing cleaners
Water treatment antiscalant and flocculant