SuperTak® Aerosol Adhesives
Bostik, Inc.

SuperTak® Aerosol Adhesives

Key Applications

Display Assembly; Industrial Product Assembly; Arts & Crafts

Product Description

Bostik SuperTak® Aerosol Adhesives are top performance adhesives neatly packaged into easy-to-handle aerosol containers. These products offer a wide range of performance characteristics to choose from for consistently reliable bonds. Their versatility means SuperTak® Aerosol Adhesives are ideal for a variety of MRO applications.


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SuperTak® Foam and Fabric Formulated for use in the foam and fabric trade, offering quick tack and strong bond strength with a soft glue line. SDS TDS
SuperTak® General Purpose Quick tack adhesive specially formulated to bond paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, foil, and fiberglass to itself and also to metal, wood, and a variety of other substrates. SDS* TDS
SuperTak® High Performance Fast tack, fast grab, low soak-in spray adhesive specially formulated to bond polyethylene to itself, concrete block, wood, and many hard-to-bond surfaces. SDS TDS
SuperTak® Trim Adhesive A transparent adhesive which offers a soft bond line, high heat resistance, and excellent green strength. It can be used for permanent or temporary bonds on porous or non-porous materials. SDS* TDS