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Xtendra BHT Antioxidant


Camlin Fine Sciences is the foremost integrated manufacturer of the most relevant and preferred antioxidant ingredients. Founded in 1947, Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) is a leader in shelf-life solutions, aroma ingredients, health and wellness, and performance chemicals. Furthermore, Camlin Fine Sciences offers product flexibility, ample antioxidant experience, vertical integration, and a global supply chain.  

CFS North America provides high-quality extension solutions, such as butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT).  For over 30 years, CFS has provided superior antioxidant solutions that allow manufacturers to achieve better control over the extended lifetime of the product. Degradation occurs when there is a presence of oxygen, an unwarranted fatty acid structure, or a lack of proper packaging and handling conditions. Therefore, antioxidant additives, such as BHT, are crucial to stop the chemical chain reaction by neutralizing the oxidation process. BHT offers synergist benefits when combined with other Camlin Fine Sciences antioxidants . While meeting FDA requirements for both indirect and direct food contact applications. To learn more about Xtendra BHT, explore the grade in detail below. 

Problems Solved

Required FDA, kosher, and halal approval for use as a food-grade antioxidant additive 
The presence of lipid oxidation ultimately contributing to product rancidity 
Thermal and oxidative instability when processing a variety of polymer applications  
Change in odor, color, or texture in a variety of formulas containing fats or aqueous emulsions 
Discoloration or breakdown of plastics, elastomers, coatings, inks, adhesives, and pigments 


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